i'll wait for you part 2

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I'll wait for you part 2

I thought about it for a moment. I was thinking why would Austin want me to sing with him and I'm not even a singer. But I didn't want him to stop singing that song for forever. So I had to . To make him happy. I faced him and looked into his hazel eyes.
You: Austin....I made up my mind.
Austin: What is it?
You: I will do the duet with you.
Austin: Thank you so much babe....I love you so much!
You: I love you to Austin.
He moves towards you and kisses you passionately. He pulls you to ground with him but not breaking your kiss. You and Austin look out at the night sky.
Austin: It's beautiful
You: What?
Austin: My amazing Girlfriend.
You: Thanks
Austin: Can you make me a promise?
You: What?
Austin: Promise to never leave me......And stay together no matter what happens.
You: I promise.
Austin: It's getting late maybe we should go home now.
You: Okay
You and Austin go to his house. You guys go upstairs to his room and lock the door. You guys watch movies all night.
You: I'm getting really tired
Austin: You want to go to bed ?
You: Yes please
Austin changes you into a pair of his boxers and t-shirt . You guys fall asleep in each other's arms.

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