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"Austin put me down!" I screamed-laughed. "Never!" he said. We were playing basketball and Austin suddenly decides to throw me over his shoulder and run around. We were getting stares from his neighbors, but who cares we were young and in love! "Austin please I want to finish the game" I whined. He stopped running around and sighed "Fine" He put me down. "Yay!" I started clapping like a 3 year old. I picked up the basketball and started to dribble it towards the goal. I made it in. "Yes" I said. "Ha now were tied Mahone" "Oh really?" he said. "Then game on" I nodded in approval. He snatched the ball from my hands. I tried blocking him but failed. He dunked the ball. "No fair" I said crossing my arms. "Awe is Y/N mad" Austin said in a baby voice. I turned away from him not making eye contact. "Babe" he said poking my cheek. I held in my smile. Before I knew it Austin threw me over his shoulder again. "Austin Carter Mahone, you put me down this instant" I said sternly. "Ugh!" he breathed out putting me down. "Thank you" I said. He started pouting. "I lub chu" I screamed. Austin cracked a smile and we both started laughing. "I love you too Y/N" Austin said picking me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I kissed him on the lips. When we both pulled away Austin said "You ready for Round 2?" I smiled "You’re on". I jumped down and grabbed the ball.

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