The Papis (cute)

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Today, you and Austin had gone out to a couple of stores. Throughout the day, fans stopped Austin to take a picture in which you didn't mind. It's the pap's that got to you. You walked out of a restaurant you two had eaten at regularly and there they were. All lined up with their cameras already flashing toward you and your boyfriend. Austin held your hand and started to push his way threw the people to get to the car. As Austin opened the door, one of the paparazzi yelled, "Hey (y/n), how much are you getting paid to hold that hand." Austin instantly turned around to the man and walked over to him. "Hmm, it looks like that camera is pretty expensive huh. Well, its gonna be broken if you say one more thing about my girlfriend." Austin said, with his teeth clenched. "Okay pretty boy" the guy said back. Austin shrugged and walked back toward the car. You both got in when you said "Don't worry, I love you, more then anything." Kissing him afterwards. "Well I love you more"

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