Wake Up! (DIRTY)

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Warning: Sexual Content


You have known Austin for a while, you and him were perfect for each other. You knew he loved to have hot dirty sex with you and you loved it as well. You lived with him so whenever you wanted it you could get it. You woke up in his arms and you kissed him softly to wake him up. "What babe" he said. "Wake up" you said as you got up. You walked away from him and got into the shower. You didn't lock the door so when he got up he came into the bathroom. He stood and watched you a bit as his dick start to grow in his boxers. He slipped his boxer off and got in the shower with you. He pushed you against the wall as he put his mouth to your neck. He had the water falling over both of you and him. He sucked on your neck as you put your arms around his neck, he lifted you up with his hands on your ass. You wrapped your legs around him as he pushed himself into you. You let out a few moans as he started to thrust into you. He held you up by your ass as he thrust deep into you. You moaned into his neck as he kept pumping into you. He pulled out making you wonder what he had up his sleeves, he dropped you down so your feet were in the tub. He turned you around and bent you down so your ass was towards him with your head down. The hot water still going but that wasn't the only thing steaming up the room. He pushed himself into you fucking you hard now. He grabbed you and pulled you back so your back was arched. He slapped your ass as he pounded himself into him. He brought you to a climax making you weak in the knees and he let you go. He walked out putting a towel around him but with his hard cock it looked like a tent. You followed him as he went to the room, he pushed you down on the bed and got over top of you. He pushed himself back into you not letting you adjust to his size and he thrusts hard into you. He pushed your legs on his shoulder so he could get deeper within you. You knew Austin could go for a while and you enjoyed it. He thrust got harder as he got closer to his climax. He pulled out and lay down and let you take over. He pushed your head down to his cock making you take him in your mouth. As you sucked him he tangled his hand within your hair and moaned. You knew he was close when he bucked his hips but that's when you pulled away. You got over top of him and pushed him into you. This time you took control and you would tease him getting him close as possible to his climax but then stopping. He pushed you down on him as he climaxed his body pulsing within you. You let him climax in you and you didn't pull out till you knew he was finished. You lay down in his arms as he lay breathless. "Good morning sex" he said as he pulled you close to him. "Good morning babe" you said. Before he heard those words he fell right back asleep on you. It was ok because he had an off day and good sex made him sleepy.

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