He Asks You Out

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You were getting ready for the beach.You had changed your out fit 3 times. You were a little nervous but you didn’t know why. Maybe because Austin was cute or because he was sweet.You looked at your phone. 15:54.

"shit" you said.You were running late.You grabbed your bag and put in your sun glasses, your towel and your wallet.


You ran to the place you, Austin and the other boys were sitting the other day.

"He..llo" you said when you arrived.You couldn’t breath because you ran the faster you could."I…am..soo ahg.sorry"

Austin started laughing.”Are you ok?” you nodded.”You should drink some water.” he said handing you a water bottlea and smiling to you.

You took the water bottle and drank.”Thanks” you said to him smiling.Alex coughed. “oh hi! I didnt see you” you said smiling to Alex,Robert and Zach.

You were sitting on the sand when suddendly someone picked you up and ran to the water.

"what the… put me down" you said afraid.

"shhh it’s me" Austin said laughing and running to the water.

You could feel that your feet were already wet,the water was very cold.”omg the water is very cold!!”you said giggling.Suddendly Austin dropped you in the water.You looked at him. He was laughing.He was laughing so hard he was crying. You splashed water to him

"How dare you!" he said joking and he ran towards you. 

You laughed and ran away from him but he cought you and he started to spin around.You laughed again “nooo! let me goo! Im dizzy” He stoped.

You two were laughing and trying not to fall down.”oh god! I shouldn’t have done that” he said laughing,”I see double”

You went where the other boys were playing with a ball and you sat down on the sand.You were laughing but Austin wasnt,he looked serious. “are you ok?” you asked and he looked at the boys, shook his head and pointed to your phone.

From Austin:

*I know it sounds awkward but I kinda like you?*

You looked at him and smiled. You text him back.

To Austin:

*I like you too*

He looked at you and shook his head again.

"I don’t like you like that, I like you like I like you" he said and looked up "god I am not good explaining things." You giggled. "I mean that I like you like…I feel butterflies…"he said blushing.

You blushed too.”I like you the same way” you said looking at down an playing with the sand.

"This is weird isn’t it? I mean we met yesterday" he said ."do you want to.. be my girlfriend and see if it works between you and me?" he asked looking at you.

You looked at him and smiled. “Yes” you said blushing.

He smiled and stood up. He picked you up again and started to spin around again and you hit his back playfully.”Hey! dont hit your boyfriend or you are going to end up in the water again!” he said and you laughed.

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