Its Austins Birthday (cute)

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You fix your hair in the mirror then turn on the laptop. Austin was in a photo shoot just on the other side f the wall. Logging into his Austream, you wait until you get enough people watching. “Hey, guys!” You greet. “As you may know, today’s Austin’s birthday! He doesn’t know I’m here at his photo shoot, and I’m-I mean-we’re gonna surprise him. You hear a knock on the restroom door, then some of Austin’s crew and friends tell you to hurry up. You open the door and let them in. “All of Austin’s friends and crew are involved, as well. And we have-” You pull out cans of silly spray from under the counter. “Silly spray!” All the guys cheer. “Lets get ‘em.” You pick up the laptop and walk to Austin’s shoot. “Hey, babe!” He winks when he sees you. You giggle. “Hey!” “What’re you doing here?” He asks, smiling for the camera. “Just gonna wish you a happy birthday!” “Aw-” “Now!” You yell. Everyone takes out there silly spray and spray Austin all over. “Happy birthday!” Everyone yells at once. “What?!” Austin’s reaction is priceless, and you got it all on Austream. When everyone’s done spraying him, you walk up and kiss him. “You’re fans wanna wish you a happy birthday too.” You hold up the laptop for everyone to see him. Austin blushes then chuckles. “They got me, guys! Pay back is coming soon.” He blows a kiss then closes the laptop. Turning to you he whispers, “You heard, right? Pay back is coming soon. Sleep with one eye open!” He tells everyone. 

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