The Beach (cute)

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You and your bestfriend were hanging around the beach. That was a very sunny day, which is great. You couldn’t wait to feel the fresh water of the sea.

"Did you know that cute guy was staring at you all the time?" your best friend nudged you. You followed her eyes direction. You saw a guy were staring at you. You quickly looked away from him.

"What? No way," you nudged her back. She laughed.

"Yes, he was!" she said, grinned at you. You pushed her softly.

"Is there’s something wrong with my face?" you asked her.

"No, I think you’re perfectly fine,Y/N ," she said to you. You tried to looked at that guy from the corner of your eyes. He still staring at you. "I think he likes you. Woo hoo," your best friend nudged you again. You pushed her softly.

"Come on we should keep act cool!" you told her as she started to laugh even louder.

"Now he’s smiling at you," she said, looking at the guy behind you. You got more nervous. You swore you wanted to shut up her mouth but you just felt nervous and couldn’t do anything about it.

"Stop it or…" you warned her. But then she suddenly ran away from you.

“I think I have to go. See ya!” she said. You  looked at her shocked she was already far away from you.

"Hi," you heard someone behind you. You turned back and saw the guy who was staring at you. ‘Well, he’s really a cute guy’ you said to yourself. Then he smiled.

"Hey," you greeted him. He laughed.

"Well, I’m sorry if I make you afraid," he said to you. You lifted up your eyebrow. Then you laughed softly.

"It’s alright haha," you said to him.

"I’m Austin," he introduced himself, showing his smile.

"I’m Y/N ," you smiled as he shook your hand.

"Uhm do you mind walking around with me?" he asked you. You nodded.

"Of course not. My friend was being crazy today anyway haha," you told him as he laughed.

"Alright, then," he said as you and him started to walking around the beach, talking about stuff and he’s telling about his dreams to be a singer. You supported him and told him that his dreams will come true some day if he believes and never gives up.

After couple of hours chattering with austin. He asked for your number.

"I’ll call you later!" he said to you. “And you can also help me recording my cover video,” he continued, smiled.

"That will be great!" you said to him, smiled too. Then he waved at you and left.

A moments later, you got a message from your bestfriend.

"How was it???? :)))" she asked. You smiled.

"Thanks for running away. You did really help me ;)" you replied her as you smiled remembering that moment.

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