Lazy Day

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Scenario: Lazy day

I was laying in Austin’s arms securely watching “17 Again”. It was a tradition that every Friday we would have a lazy day. We’ve been dating for about 4 months now and everything was perfect. After successfully finishing 5 movies I had to go home and get ready for my shift at work. “Austin I have to go now” I said sadly. “No stay here” he whined. “But I have to get ready for work” I sighed. “Noooo!” He said wrapping his arms tightly around me and not letting go. I tried prying his arms and hands off of me but he had a grip on me and was not letting go. After about 5 minutes of pleading to Austin I decided to use a different tactic. I turned and faced Austin who’s eyes were glued to the tv and I reached my lips towards him and kissed him. Our lips moved in sync and then I pulled away resting my head on his chest. “Austin” I said whining, ”Please I have to go and get ready for work.” I hear him sigh sadly and then he said, “Fine.” He loosed his grip completely an I got off the couch and grabbed my bag from the ground. Austin walked over to me and wrapped him arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder. ”I’m going to miss you” he said into my neck. I giggled. “I’m going to miss you too” I said. He let go and the kissed me. I kissed him back of course but pulled away and said ” I have to go now.” “Okay” Austin said. I walked to the door and opened it but then turned around to look at him and then said “We’ll I guess missing one day of work won’t hurt.” He smiled and then I re closed the door and went over to the couch where we continued to watch movies.

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