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You were asked to look after your little sister while your mom was out running errands. Austin asked if you wanted to do something together that day but you told him you were babysitting and he decided to spend the day with the two of you.

As you were in the kitchen preparing some snacks and drinks, you happened to watch Austin and your sister out in the garden playing. You knew Austin loved kids and has always been good with them, but watching him with your sister just made you feel like if you two were ever to get married and have kids he would be a great dad.

As you walked outside, Austin walked over, out of breath, to help you with the food and drinks and set them down on the table outside.

"You tired?" you let out a small giggle as Austin pulled out a chair and sat down.

"Yes. Your sister is one energetic little kid." Austin struggled to get his words out as he was still trying to catch his breathe.

You gave him a sweet smile before pulling out a chair yourself and sitting down with him.

"She looks a lot like you. She’s going to be beautiful when she’s older."

You looked down at played with your fingers as a blush crept it’s away upon your face. Austin always said sweet things to you but you could never get used to the way he’d make you feel, like you are the most loved human being ever.

He walked over towards you and tilted your head up to look him in the eyes, before bringing his soft, plump lips to yours to leave a sweet, long kiss before placing one on your burning cheeks too.

Just before he was about to tell you how cute you are when you blush, he felt someone tugging on his trousers to see it was your little sister.

"Austin come play." she asked sweetly smiling up at him.

He gave you a quick peck on the lips before resuming the game he was playing earlier.


Hope you like this imagine.

Stay beautiful.


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