Will he save you? (sad/romantic)

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He was always by your side through everything, he didn’t care that you were a lot to handle. You were the one that he loved and he did his best to show it even though you didn’t believe him. You loved him as well just sometimes you didn’t believe anyone cared about you. You got in those moods that you didn’t want to be here anymore and you would do anything to leave. You were alone at the house and knew he wouldn’t be home for a while, things went to fast for you to catch it. Before you knew it you were on the floor barely breathing with the paramedics around you. “tell him I love him” you’re finally words. 

Those were the flashbacks that you had before you ran the razor down your arm, you knew you fought this before and he would be devastated if you did it again. You dropped the razor as you felt his hand on my shoulder, once you turned you knew you would see tears in his eyes. Would you want to live through that again? You never wanted to hurt him at all but what were you really fighting? You turned and put your arms around his neck as you pulled yourself closer to him. “i’m sorry” you said. “Come here” he said as he took you to the room. He sat you on his lap as he held you close to him, you hated that he was hurting because of what you was going to do. “why do you want to leave me” he asked. “its not you” you said. “then what” he said. “its hard to explain Austin” you said. “try babe” he said as he kissed you. “I just feel alone sometimes and it’s just hard” you said. He nodded as you talked trying to understand, but he didn’t. 

- Later In That Week - 

You and him were spending more time together so you wouldn’t feel alone. It did help but you didn’t know what it was that was pulling you down. You wanted to be happy with him but some reason you couldn’t be. “Will you come with me?” he asked. “Where you going” you said. “Rome” he said. “Paris?” you asked. “Yea come with me” he asked. You nodded your head as you hugged him close to you. You and him packed and before you knew it you were in Paris. “this is our time no band stuff just us” he said once you got off the private jet. You spent the vacation with Austin and just spent time with him and you were finally happy. “meet me for dinner tonight” a note said as you got out of bed. You smiled to yourself and just spent the day pampering yourself and you finally got dressed to meet Austin. You found a dress that was perfect for you and you knew Austin has bought it for you. You got ready and met him under the Eiffel tower. “wow you’re beautiful” he said as he kissed your cheek. “Thank you” you said with a smile. You and he sat under the stars and started to eat together and everything was just perfect. You and he had dessert and that’s when you found the ring. “What’s this” you said. He got up and got on one knee and took your hand in his. “baby you mean the world to me and I would be lost if you were gone, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and if you end your lift tomorrow then so will I, I want to be with you” he said. You put your hands over your mouth as he talked. “will you marry me” he asked. “yea babe” you said. He slipped the ring on your finger and kissed you softly. Everything was perfect between you and him, and nothing would take you from him. Once you and he got back to the states you started to plan a wedding that was perfect for you and him. 

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