Tell Me How You Really Feel

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Austin was one of the guys that you trusted and you loved him. He was your best friend before it started to get serious between you and him. You always had a crush on Austin but you never told him little did you know that he felt the same way about you. “Hey you want to hang tonight” he asked. “yea sure” you said. You would always hang out with Austin and most time it was with the other guys from his crew. Tonight felt different because he seemed like he wanted to be alone. “so movie night” you asked. “um sure” he said rubbing the back of his neck. “ill see you tonight then” you said as you closed the door. You felt like you wanted to tell Austin how you felt but you really didn’t know how to tell him. Later on that night you went over to his place just like any other day but the rest of the guys wasn’t there. “hey Austin ” you said. “hey you” he said as he hugged you. You loved his hugs because they were with those strong arms and just being close to him was what you always wanted. “so I got your favorites” he said. You nodded your head as you went to go sit on the couch. He also had your favorite movies and pillows and blankets to cuddle with. “Austin can I ask you something” you said. “yea sure” he said. “is there anyone in your life” you asked. “what you mean” he said. “do you have a girlfriend” you asked. “no I don’t” he said. You nodded your head as he sat next to you. “why you ask that question” he asked. “just wondering” you said. You started to watch the movie and he started to get close to you. He put his arm around you so you could lay on his chest. You lay your head on his shoulder and rubbed his chest. As soon as the movie went off he got up and put on another and went to get popcorn. “Austin ?” you asked. “yes” he said. He came back and sat next to you getting close to you again. “Nothing” You said. “I have feelings for you” Austin said. “What you do?” you said. “yea im falling for you” he said looking into your eyes. “Im falling for you as well” you said. His lips got closer to yours as you leaned in as well. Yours and his lips touched and he softly went into the kiss as you put your arms around him. “ive always wanted to do that” he said. “Then why haven’t you” you said with a smile across your lips. “Because I didn’t think you wanted me like that” he said. “ive always liked you Austin ” you said. “Then why didn’t you say anything” he asked. “Because I’m a girl and don’t want to make the first move” you said. He kissed you once again this time was more intense as you rested your hand on his chest. The rest of the night went on as planned and you spent the night like you always have but this time it was in his bed. He cuddled you closed to him as you both slept it was the first of many nights of being in his arms. It was officially Austin  Henderson was your boyfriend and no one could stop that because he was falling madly in love with you.You were already deeply in love with him and the relationship didn’t change your and his friendship it has been just a friendship with kissing and loving. You didn’t mind being his its what you always wanted from every since you met him. Your dream finally came true and Austin  was yours.

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