For The Better

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“Austin, not in front of your mom.”

“Babe, she knows we kiss.”

“I don’t care. Not right here.”

“But I need my good luck kiss before I go on stage.” You moved your cheek closer to him and pointed to it. He sighed, gave you a smirk and leaned over for a quick peck to the cheek.

“Y’all are silly. I’ll be outside.” Your cheeks instantly reddened.

“Sorry Ms, I mean, Michele.”

“It’s fine. I get it,” she laughed. “And Austin make it quick or else you’ll bore the poor girl.”

“Mom!” You laughed this time. He just rolled his eyes. The door closed and he was still stood in front of you but this time he hovered closer. You sat back and rested your head against the couch to get a better look at his eyes. He put both hands on the couch on either side of your head. “Can I kiss you now?”

“No.” He started to lean in.

“Well I am.” You sighed as he got closer. He brushed his lips against yours.

“Stop being a tease,” you whispered. He chuckled before putting his lips on yours. Your hands gravitated to his sides wanting to pull him onto you but refrained. He pulled away too soon in your opinion. Your foreheads were still touching as he put one hand on your cheek. “Have a good show, baby,” you breathed.

“I’ll see you out there, right?”

“Of course. I’ll be out there soon.” You tickled him on the sides and he stood up straight to get away. He took your hands and pulled you up.

“One more kiss.” You smirked against his lips and he laughed. The silly kisses were your favorite.

“Ok. Now go. I’ll be out there soon.”

“Do I look good? Outfit check.” He turned in a circle. You admired him. Not just because of how good he looked but because you were so comfortable around each other.

“Babe, you look amazing. Now go. I can already hear them tearing down the barriers.”

“Alright, alright.” In one swift motion he kissed you on the cheek and ran out. You were grabbing your purse and phone off the couch when the door opened.

“It’s safe to walk in?” You laughed as Michele poked her head in.

“Yes. Sorry about that.”

“Y’know, I don’t really mind you two kissing in front of me. As much as want to keep him my little boy I know he is growing up. Plus you are good for him.”

“Am I? I mean sometimes I feel like I hold him back and—“

“Can I tell you something?”

“Um sure.”

“I’ve always made sure Austin was happy and I’ve always made sure her followed his dreams. And you do that too. You help him. If he asks for your opinion you aren’t afraid to give it. He feeds off your positivity. You are an addition to all the great things he has. Not a burden.” You didn’t know what to say. Michele totally shocked you, which was her specialty. She knew you were at a loss for words so she hugged you. “Now c’mon our most important in our lives is waiting for us.”  

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