Truth or Dare (cute)

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"Truth or dare?" Alex asked when the bottle stop spinning and it’s pointed at you. You, Alex, Zach and Robert were playing Truth or Dare by spinning a bottle and when the bottle stop spinning and it’s pointed at someone, that person should choose to say truth or do dare. You tried to blow the bottle hope it’ll pointed at Robert who’s sitting next to you.

"Alyssa, that’s not fair! Truth or dare?!" Robert said to you as he grabbed the bottle and pointing it to you. You laughed.

"Ok, ok… Dare," you said. You choose dare because if you choose truth maybe they will ask you something you didn’t really wanna say. Alex looked at you deeply.

"Tell us what you really feel about me, Zach and Robert," he said. Your heart felt stopped. You forgot how to breathe.

"But that’s not dare-" you tried to defend yourself.

"That was dare. I dare you to tell us what you really feel," Alex answered. Zach nodded. ‘Damn it. I hate this game,’ you said to yourself. Robert nudged Alex. "What?" Alex whispered at Robert.

"Look at her face," he whispered back then looked at your pale face. You tried to open your mouth to say something to deny it but you couldn’t because he’s right. But why?

"Ahmm…" you tried to say something but it’s really hard.

"Yes?" Alex asked, waiting for your response. Then suddenly someone ran to you all.

"GUYS I GOT THE PIZZA!!!" Austin shouted as he came to you all and dropped the pizza on the floor. You smiled.

"Austin!" Alex grunted. Austin looked at him confusedly. Zach covered his face with hands. Robert was just sitting there looking at your face. He looked so worried about you.

"What? You happy to see me?" Austin asked Alex. Alex shook his head then walked out the room. Zach grabbed a slice of pizza and ate it. "What’s wrong with him?" Austin asked you. You shook your head.

"I don’t know. Let’s just forget it and eat this pizza!" you said as you took a slice of pizza and put it in your mouth. Austin shrugged and did the same.


"You came at the wrong time!" Alex said to Austin. Alex looked at the ceiling, laying on bed and Austin was sitting on the floor.

"But I came with the pizza. You all waiting for the pizza, right?" Austin asked. Alex got up and sat on bed then he looked at Austin.

"I almost know about how she really feels," he said as he got up from bed and sat next to Austin. Austin looked at Alex, confusedly.

"Yeah, that’s really sad," Zach added as he walked pass and went to the bathroom. Robert didn’t say anything.

"Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin the moment," Austin said, looked down. Alex tapped his shoulder.

"Ok. It’s alright, man. I forgive you," Alex said as he got up and walked out the room. Then Robert sat next to Austin.

"You should see her face when Alex asked her that question," Robert said, looked straight. Austin looked at him.

"What happened?" Austin asked.

"She looked so panic… Well, I like her so much but maybe she just need more time to think about it," Robert said as he looked at Austin. Austin turned his head from him. Then he smiled.

"I will help you guys," he said. Robert tapped Austin’s shoulder.

"You don’t really need to, Austin," Robert said as he got up and walked left Austin alone.

"I got an idea…" Austin whispered between his smile.


"So, tomorrow Robert will wait for you at the park, Zach at the cinema, and Alex at cafe," Austin said to you. You turned your head from him. "They will wait from 3 until 6 pm. Well, at first I said to them to wait from 5 to 6 instead but they said maybe you need more time to think. So, I’m just doing what they want," he said to you as he sipped his softdrink. You looked at him.

"Alright," you said to him, showing a little smile. He smiled back and tapped your shoulder.

"Hey, don’t take it too seriously. If you choose none of them it’s fine. They understand. I already tell them about it and they agree," he said to you. You looked at sunset in front of you both. "It’s going to dark soon. You wanna go home now?" Austin asked you. You nodded.

Then he grabbed your hand and walked with you to his car. Suddenly he realized then he quickly let go his hand from you. "Uh, I’m sorry, Alyssa," he said as he rubbed his head. You smiled at him.

"It’s fine, Austin. Haha," you said to him as you got in his car and he drove you home.

The next day…

You looked at the clock. It’s already 2 pm. You sighed at looked at yourself in the mirror. ‘Who will I choose?’ you asked yourself then you throw yourself on bed and closed your eyes. Tried to breathing slowly and clearing your mind. You love all of them. But…

Austin P.O.V:

I thought it will be great to walking around at the beach alone. I breathe the smell of the sea. So amazing. I looked at the sun that slowly going down. I sighed. Today, Alyssa will choose between Alex, Zach and Robert. Why I didn’t join them? Well, I would love to. But seeing my best friends really adore her to death, maybe I can just back away and not making her more difficult to choose between us. Whatever makes my friends happy, I’m happy. I looked at the sun and smiled, sunset was so beautiful today. "Austin!" someone shouting behind me. I turned back and it’s just some Mahomies. They ran to me and I smiled as they took pictures with me. I gave them all hug and saying goodbye. I thought it was Alyssa. Haha. I smiled thinking about my stupid expectation then I looked at my watch. It’s 6.00. The sun now disappeared and changed to the beautiful moon and the stars. Then suddenly my phone beeping. It’s a new message. From Alyssa?

"Austin, where are you?" she texted.

"I’m at the beach. Why?" I texted her. I continued looked at the beach once again then took a deep breathe and breathe it out slowly. I repeated it for about 5 minutes. I wrote Alyssa on the sand with my hand then I smiled looked at it. Then I quickly erased it and walked away. I checked my phone. Alyssa hadn’t replied my message yet. I looked around but there’s nobody there. I looked turned to see the moon and look at the sky and said, "I love you, God. I’m so grateful for what I’ve got and I know your plan is better than mine-" I said but then someone hugged me from behind.


You didn’t know what was you thinking but you just hugged him so tight from behind and don’t want to let it go. Austin turned to see who it was then he looked shocked. “Alyssa, what are you doing here???” he asked you. You looked at him. "Who did you choose?! Tell me!" he said as he smiled. You smiled back and pointed at him. He lifted his eyebrow, confused. You hugged him again. He pushed you softly. "I don’t get it," he said to you. You smiled.

"Since the first time I saw you, I know that I like you," you said to him. Austin didn’t say anything. He just standing in front of you, not moving at all. You frowned. "You didn’t like me back. Hmm, It’s fine. I just want to tell you about my feeling," you said to him and just about to walked away but then he pulled your hand and hugged you.

"I like you too, Alyssa," he said near your ear. You smiled, almost cried. You looked at him.

"Really?" you asked him. He nodded then kneed in front of you.

"Alyssa, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. You shut your mouth from screaming and tried to hold your tears.

"Yes, Austin," you said then you jumped to him and he spun you around then kissed your forehead. He hugged you then put you down.

"So, we’re dating now?" you asked him. He smiled and grabbed your hand.

"Yep. And tomorrow there will be a huge war between me, Zach, Robert and Alex," he said then you both laughed and walked to his car. Drove to your home.


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