Your A Dork! (cute)

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"You are such a dork!" you said to Austin as he did a really strange break dance. It was almost midnight and you were with Austin at dance rehearsals. The speakers were practically booming as the bass line for Gold Digger by Kanye West blasted. Austin was taking a break to spend some time with you. You guys were having a dance off and Austin was showing off some of his dorky, but adorable, dance moves.

You were here since 5:00 AM so you could spend as much time as you could with him before he flew to Philadelphia for his show. You tried to avoid distracting him while he was with his vocal coach and working out, but it didn’t really work. All you did was sit peacefully on a chair reading a magazine. Every so often you would look up and see Austin staring at you and smiling like an idiot. You tried your best to ignore him for his sake even though it wasn’t easy because he was always on your mind. Everytime he would catch your eye and give you a cute smile, your heart raced and your stomach erupted with butterflies. It was crazy to think someone can make you feel this way. Every now and then he would come and give you a quick kiss and a sweaty hug and then get back to work. You didn’t mind because you knew how passionate he was with his career and you wanted nothing but the best for him, even if that meant you had to be apart at times.

“Come on you know you like it!” Austin said as he pulled you closer and continued his weird dance. “Yeah right!” You giggled and gently pushed him away and turned around to fix your hair in the mirror. You saw him wrap his arms around you’re waist and rest his head on your shoulder. “When did this become an abusive relationship?” He asked while planting gentle kisses on your neck. “I’m sorry.” You said as you turned around facing him. The song now playing was With You by Chris Brown.

“Dance with me”, Austin whispered in your ear causing you to shiver. He pulled you close, tying his arms around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck and placed your forehead gently on his, staring at his beautiful hazel eyes. He rocked you back and forth gently singing along to the song in your ear. You closed eyes and let his angelic voice fill your ears and clear your mind.

When the song was over the next one was Down by Jay Sean. Austin spun you around and dipped you before quickly pressing his lips onto yours. Your heartbeat raced and you kissed him back passionately. He pulled away and gave you a quick kiss on the check and then lifted you back up. “I love you.” He whispered pulling you close and kissing you again, sparks flying everywhere.

You heard clapping and someone saying “awww” behind you. You pulled away from Austin and turned around. Michele, Dave, and the rest of Austin team were looking at you and Austin and every single one of them had their phones out. You immediately turned a deep shade of red and hid your face. “Way to ruin the moment you guys”, Austin grumbled. “Sorry, you guys were so cute I had to take a picture!” Michele exclaimed. “This is so going on the Internet you guys are seriously adorable!” Dave said. “Please don’t, I look like crap!” You begged. “Sorry kiddo”, Dave replied. “Babe you are always beautiful!” Austin said looking into your eyes. You sighed and looked down. Your hair was in a messy bun with bits sticking out. You had on a pink zip up sweater, grey leggings, and black Ugg boots. “Awwwwww”, everyone said. “You better not still be recording!” Austin said going up to Dave and snatching the phone from his hand. Before he could protest, Austin threw it to me and tackled Dave onto the floor.

You caught it and sure enough it was still recording. You started to film Austin and Dave whrestling. Austin playfully slapped Dave and you handed the phone back to him. Dave posted the video and it immediately got thousands of hits. Not to mention everyone else posting pictures of you guys on their twitters and instagrams. You smiled at Austin and he smiled back and pulled you into another hug. Not that you were complaining though ;)

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