strange addiction » jenzie  by aesthethiccjohn
strange addiction » jenzie by 🍒
[Highest Rank : #106 teen fiction] when it comes to you baby, I'm addicted. you're like a drug, no rehab can fix it.
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Flower boy//Why Don't We by dolanwdwx
Flower boy//Why Don't Weby dolanwdwx
Highest ranking #23 in teenfanfiction ".....are you the flower boy?" He looked away "answer me!" I walked up to him and made him face me. "answ...
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"Apaixonada Por Um Pop Star". [A.M]  *Em Revisão* by Minah_cleo
"Apaixonada Por Um Pop Star". [ Cleo
"-Quem nunca suspirou por aquele Pop Star da Tv? " Essa pessoa é a Jhin Mary uma jovem adolescente, que por conta do destino, teve que cruzar seu caminho com...
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Austin Mahone's Girlfriend by foolish4forever
Austin Mahone's Girlfriendby foolish4forever
  • fanfiction
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THANKS MOM!! (Alex Constancio story) by JaejayHoran
THANKS MOM!! (Alex Constancio Queen
[Dont take this too serious.. i suck at doing these] Chelby Villanueva is 17year old who has been bullied all her life. One day she gets in a fight with one of her bull...
  • fanfic
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RobertIDK X Reader by DaughterOfJackDaddyI
RobertIDK X Readerby I am trash
Just some little one shots of yourself and RobertIDK.
  • romance
  • mahomie
  • humor
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The Bully (Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber love story) by Fancy_Bieber
The Bully (Ariana Grande, Austin Fancy My Bieber
"You've hurt me enough!" She screamed at him. "I know and I'm sorry." He cried out. "But maybe what hurt you can be the one to fix you."
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To Far Broken (An Austin Mahone Love story) EDITING by MustacheYouJelly
To Far Broken (An Austin Mahone MustacheYouJelly
Hailey is your average fun, caring, bubbly, athletic 15 year old girl with the perfect life.. or so she thought. When her parents die unexpectedly and she moves in with...
  • lovestory
  • alex
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Runaway Baby | Becstin by Mahonehadmelike
Runaway Baby | Becstinby n
A story in which a young and innocent girl runs into the schools bad boy. And somehow, they manage to become more than just another face they saw in the school halls. If...
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  • mahomie
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Beautiful Mistake by wanderliur
Beautiful Mistakeby saraa.
{rewritten; very different from the old one} Austin and Hanna Montgomery has been best friends since anyone can remember. That all ended when Austin had to leave Texas t...
  • mistake
  • teen
  • austin
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Perfectly Imperfect (Ausmila) by MaySmiley
Perfectly Imperfect (Ausmila)by May
He was her best friend, her first love.But he left her...He broke her. Why was he trying to rekindle their friendship after four years of heartbreak?Will she let him rea...
  • shamila
  • laurenjauregui
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Austin Mahone Songs Lyrics by Jovanna_A
Austin Mahone Songs Lyricsby Jovanna A
The lyrics to Austin Mahone's songs! Tell me if there are any songs that I haven't added in yet and I'll add it in soon ~ Jovanna A.
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Falling For You by _aimeriah_
Falling For Youby Aimee Penn
You moved to San Antonio Texas, and meet Austin Mahone. You are a big youtube sensation, and so is Austin. Your both getting higher in you career. Will this tear you apa...
  • yourpov
  • fanfiction
  • austinmahone
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SuperMan⚜Becstin by AmeezyHadMeLike
SuperMan⚜Becstinby Nelly
Who is he? A Hero or a Criminal? People Change But he changed for me He dedicated himself He got in trouble He got Tortured Just For Me Now who do You think he is? Let's...
  • love
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Significantly Insignificant by beautifullybroken15
Significantly Insignificantby beautifullybroken15
Paige is an average girl, with a gift for music. After her best friend posts a video of one her original songs without her permission she becomes an overnight sensation...
  • austinmahone
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Dangerous Temptation by ItsAnonymousM
Dangerous Temptationby Anonymous M
I've heard of people like him. He's the kind that would get tattoos for fun and have an encounter with the cops for the thrill of it. A Bad Boy. But what would a girl l...
  • mahone
  • mahomie
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Austin Mahone Imagines by AdaritsaAvila
Austin Mahone Imaginesby Addi Avila
Short imagines about Austin Mahone. They all go together. So you might be a little confused if you skip.
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  • austinmahone
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Hey Brother by adenev
Hey Brotherby long hair princess
She is a popstars little sister. You thought her life would have been rainbows and butterflies, but you have never heard of there lives behind closed doors. Unfortunatel...
  • austinmahoneslittlesister
  • foolishfour
  • mahomie
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I Don't Need You • A.M by mahonesbabyygirl
I Don't Need You • A.Mby Talia
Violet Swan was just a normal 22 year old woman. Finishing up college, pursuing a job in her career, moving into her first house, her life taking off in a positive way...
  • austin
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