Poor Austin

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I was enjoying the time I had with Austin because I knew it wasn’t going to last long. He always had to leave when I didn’t want him to leave, but being a superstar he had to do what he had to do. We had decided to go Christmas shopping since it was getting closer to Christmas. I was overjoyed to know Austin was actually going to be home for Christmas this year. Walking around London hand and hand as he began to snow, it was perfect. “Look babe” I said. He smiled and grabbed me by my waist and held me close to him placing his lips on mine, slowly kissing me. I could feel the blood rushing through my cheeks as I began to blush, pulling away from him. “Where to now babe?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulder went into a store where I didn’t want him to come in because I was getting his present. He was outside when the media came around him, he hated that attention because he wanted to be with me and not have any media attention. “Can you guys just go away” he said. They were really rude towards him since he didn’t want to be in the media or give any interviews. “Just leave me alone please I’m with my girlfriend” he said. They kept being rude towards Austin and everyone knows Austin is very sensitive so what they were saying really hurt his feelings. They started to push him till he came into the store to find me. “Hey baby I’m almost done” I said as I was in the checkout line. “O-ok” he said. I could figure out that something was wrong and that he was upset. “What is it baby” I asked. “Nothing just want to go home” he said. “Baby what is it?” I asked. “They are really rude towards me because I didn’t want them around” he said. “Who baby?” I asked. “The media people” he said. I looked at him and kissed his cheek, I couldn’t believe someone could be so rude to someone so sweet. All he wanted was alone time with me with no media and they couldn’t respect that. I handed him the stuff and got him to finish the checkout as I went outside. “Excuse me who was rude to my boyfriend?” I asked. They all acted like they couldn’t hear me that’s when I started to get pissed. “EXCUSE ME” I said jerking the guy backwards. That got all of their attention as I was beyond mad, I couldn’t believe that would actually do this. “This is his life and if he doesn’t want you all in his face 24/7 then he has a right to decline you guys!” I said. They all rolled their eyes and that was just making me more angry. I started to yell and cuss at them because they were acting stupid as hell and it pissed me off. Once I got them straight I went back to get Austin and grabbed his hand. “Come on baby lets go get some hot cocoa” I said. He nodded his head as I grabbed his hand, I led him out of the store and started to walk with him. “We are not going to let them ruin our day” I said. He held my hand tightly as we were walking, we went to the café and ate lunch together and spent the rest of the day enjoying each other. Never let anyone ruin a perfect day with someone you love because they would win and you would be miserable. I loved Austin and who ever messed with him had to deal with me and they finally figured that out so the media became nicer to him so they wouldn’t have to deal with me.

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