The Best Present (DIRTY/ Romantic)

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It was Christmas day and I had the little Santa suit on under my clothes so he couldn’t notice them. “Merry Christmas Baby” he said as he kissed me. “Merry Christmas Babe” I said with a smile. We opened our presents to each other and I just couldn’t wait to give him what I had under my dress. “i love spending Christmas with you” he said. “i love you” I said. “Oh I love you too” he said as he placed his lips onto mine. “I can’t wait to give you your surprise later tonight” I said. “Oh what is that” he said as he grabbed my waist. “You have to wait and see” I said with a smile. “Oh why?” he whined. “Because I need to see if you’re a good boy” I said. “i am please baby” he said. I giggled as I got up and unbuttoned my dress showing the Santa suit, his eyes got big and I could see his bulge growing. “Wow baby” he said. “i wanted to do something special for you and I knew you loved it in the store” I said. “Damn you look good” he said. “Only for your eyes” I said. “My girl is sexy” he said. “Thank you” I said. “No thank you for wearing that” he said. He took me upstairs and lay me down. He then would get over top of me and kissed me staring at my lips then down to my neck going down my collar bone. My and his body will move together as he ran his hands up my sides. He lifted up my shirt and took my breast in his hands. He lifted me up a bit and took my bra off. He sat back a for a few to admire how beautiful I was naked. Then he would just go in and start sucking on my nipples as he started to make his way down to my stomach. I lifted up my hips so he can take off my shorts and panties. He starts to push my legs apart as he runs his hand down to rub you softly. He would wait for my response before he went any further. As I nodded my head he started to kiss up my legs getting to my sweet spot. Once he parted my lips he took his mouth and started to lick up and down my slit. He took my clit into his mouth and it drove me crazy. The moans from me started to pick up as he ate me out more. Once I was close to a climax he stopped and came up and kissed me. He messed with his pants as he started to take them off. He sucked on my neck as he started to slide himself into me. He pushed my legs further apart and keep his head down as he sucked on my neck. His thrusting was hard and fast bring me to a climax fast. He felt me cum against him and it made him jerk forward. He waited till I finished then he started to thrust again. I and him were both moaning loud, I ran my hand down his back as he kept his thrusting at a pace. He started to moan in my ear as he was close to his climax. I pushed my hips towards his as he thruster harder and deeper into me. He starts to shoot his load and he lay on top of me till he finished. Once me and him were finished he wrapped me in his arms and fell asleep.

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