A/N: About Justin Bieber

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A/N: So I bet a lot of you know that Justin got arrested. I am and will always be a belieber . So I'm really upset about this . So I would like to say something to the media.

( I'm not trying to offend Anybody)


Are you happy? Are you satisfied now? You did it, you finally did it. You broke Justin Bieber . You made a fake Justin with your lies , your rumors , wrong news and you destroyed the real Justin. This guy was diagnosed with DEPRESSION, did you know that? This isn't funny anymore you cant joke about depression. He is just 19 years old yet you treat him like he's 25. He could be the happiest guy on this planet, because he has money, a family, friends, fans. But he isn't happy. No he's very far from that. He's depressed. Do you know what that means? If a guy who can have Anything he wants in depressed , it's serious . The media is always judging him no matter what he does. They make up fake stories and even pay PEOPLE to lie about him. Come on HOW IS THIS? How sick is this media? They don't care about the truth, they just want a fucking dramatic and shocking story so they can knock him down. They don't want him to be happy, they just want to see him breaking. AND NOW THEY HAVE DONE IT. I'm not saying that the things he did we're right of course he did a lot of mistakes but the media doesn't even give him the chance to learn from them. He doesn't even get time to learn. He's supposed to be on a BREAK. But he cant be because there are paps following him everywhere. They Insult him. They judge him. and as if it isn't enough already all the haters help them. Its like the whole world is against this kid and this is sad and sick. congratulations society! You made it! You broke another human. You Broke Justin Drew Bieber , a boy who loves making people smile. Why do people make him cry? The saddest thing is, that they wont stop. It's a never ending movie. Do you want him to commit suicide? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? its sick. This society is sick.


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