Happy Birthday (cute)

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Today wasn’t just any other day it was your birthday. You thought that it would be a special day because it was your first birthday with being with Austin. You awoke without Austin in the bed and you went to go find him and he was making breakfast. “Morning babe” he said. “morning” you said. “im making myself breakfast before I got to the studio” he said. “oh ok” you said. You thought he had forgotten your birthday and you wasn’t going to tell him. He made breakfast and kissed you before he left for the studio, you went through the day with no birthday messages from anyone. “guess im no longer important” you said. You started up your laptop to start your school work and there was nothing on twitter that was about your birthday. You thought everyone had forgotten about you and that just made you feel bad. You continued your school work andwith in an hour Austin came back to the house. “hey” he said. “hey” you said. “we are going out to dinner tonight” he said. “oh ok” you said. “yea my manager wants to talk to me so I thought I would bring you along” he said. You nodded your head and you just felt awful that no one remembered. He soon left after telling you that you were going to dinner with him, later on that night you just didn’t feel like going. You crawled up in the bed and decided to take a nap because no one seemed to care anyway. Austin came home and seen you in bed. “babe whats wrong” he asked. “nothing” you said. “why you in bed?” he said. “not feeling well” you said. “why you crying?” he asked. “no reason” you said as you wiped your eyes. “come with me tonight?” he said. “sure” you said. You got out of bed and got ready and you just didn’t want to go out. He grabbed your hand and kissed you softly. “I have a surprise for you” he said. “what?” you said. He leads you to the car and took off. You didn’t know where he was going or what he had planned. He stopped at your favorite restaurant and once you walked in everyone jumped out and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY. “w-what is all this” you asked. “its for your birthday” Austin said. You hugged him and kissed him softly and just had a huge smile on your face. “I thought everyone forgot” you said. “never could I forget the women I love on her birthday” he said. All of your friends and family was there and it was just the perfect ending to a horrible day. Towards the end of the party there was a huge birthday cake for you and they started singing happy birthday and you just blushed. You blew out the candles to your birthday cake. Austin gave you a bracelet for your birthday it was one of many birthday gifts that you received. This was one birthday that you wouldn’t soon forget because Austin surprised you and made you think everyone forgot about you.

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