Your First Fight - part 2 (cute/DIRTY)

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"Babe I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you!" Austin says , grabbing your arm and turning you around, so your facing him. " Austin let go of me!'', you shoot back. ''No! Not until you forgive me.'', he says staring deeply into your eyes. ''Why should I forgive you! I was worried you actually got hurt!" , say still trying to get out of his grip but its no use, he's stronger than you. ''Because I love you! More than anything! I didn't mean to scare you.", he says with a hopeful glint in his eyes. '' I don't know Aus-'', you say but Austin interrupts you by smashing his lips into yours. Kissing you with all the passion in his body. He stops to say '' I can make it up to you ", he says. " How?'', you say curiously. '' Jump '' , he says crouching  down for you to jump up on his back. He puts you down and opens the car door for you. ''where are we going?'', you say . ''Home" he replies with a smirk on his face. ''oh god Austin, I know what your going to do", you say with a smirk. ''yep'' , he say emphasizing the P. you can see the big bulge forming in his pants. causing you to giggle. You guys get home and Austin gets out of the car opens your door, he winks and  starts running into the house leaving you outside. You blush and hurry into the house. You find Austin in his room with his hands down his pants. “Oh woah.” You say, standing there, not sure what to do. “Close the door.” He grunts. You quickly close it and look anywhere except at him. “Uh..” You say after a moment. “Come help me…?” Austin says “Um Austin… I-I..” “It’s alright if you don’t want to, babe.” He groaned. ‘Fuck… what am I getting into…’ you thought. “I-I do! Um but… I haven’t… err….” He chuckles, “You haven’t lost your V-Card. I know…” You blush, “You’re so cute.” He gets up and walks over to you, kissing you passionately. “Do you want this? Me?” he asked inbetween kisses. You nod, breathless from how… right everything felt in that moment. You undressed eachother quickly, part from excitement and part from not knowing when Mama Mahone was going to be back. He lied you down on his bed, his thumb stroking your cheek. “It’ll hurt baby, I’m sorry.” You nodded quickly. He pushed through you, and you felt a popping sensation. You screamed through clenched teeth letting a tear fall. Austin kissed it away, “Tell me when to move.” “Move.” You gasp. You reached pretty quickly and you put on your shorts and tank again and Austin his board shorts and he held you for the rest of the afternoon, mumbling about how amzing you are and how much he loved you….

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