Save It ! Part 2 (sad)

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You were sitting at home watching TV but you didn't hear what you were saying.You were thinking about him. You couldn't stop thinking about Austin, all though you broke up two weeks ago. You loved him, you had spent the best moments of your life with him and it was over now. The phone rang, once again, and you didn't answer this time neither. You already knew who it was. Austin.

"Babe.. It's me.. again... it's been two weeks and I don't know anything about you.... I... I love you.. you are my...everything... please pick up the phone or call me... I love you" You heard his voice through the answerphone.You could tell he was crying because his voice was shaking.

He called you every day at least seven times, saying the almost the same thing, and he always sound so sad. Sometimes you wanted to pick up the phone or call him but you didn't want to hear his voice.


(two weeks later)

He kept calling you and you didn't answer. Aex had called you too to say that Austin was acting weird lately. "He hasn't been himself, he's acting weird, he goes out, god knows where and come very late and sometimes drunk" he said.

The phone rang for the fourth time that day.

"You.. know I love you and I can NOT livee with out youu so yeah... I didn't cheat on you, buut you don't belieeve me... and I f*cking love you (Y/N)" He was drunk.

You were worried and afraid that something could happend to him so you called him. but no one answered. You called him again and again but no answer,Someone knocked at the door and you ran hoping it was Austin, you were so worried. When you opened the door it wasn't Austin, it was Alex

"(Y/N)! You need to come with me"


"It's Austin,he is at the hospital" he said.

Part 3???

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