You Need Me (Sad/Cute)

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Austin has been on tour for almost a year now. You’re uncontrollably sobbing on your bed into your pillow. You can’t take this anymore. You felt like he was cheating on you and that scared you to death. You and Austin have been dating for almost two years and he told you that no one would ever come in between you two. But you were staring to doubt that. You grabbed your phone and texted him.

Babe, I can’t do this anymore. You said, with tears streaming down your face. We’re like a stone the ocean beats up against. With each passing week, a little more of us is worn away. I can’t take it anymore, Austin. It’s too hard. Being with you, not knowing where you are. It scares me. You scare me. I only wish that you understand me and that you aren’t angry with me. A part of me will always love you, but it’s time that I see other people. Actual people to spend time with.

With that, you put your phone back on your dresser and sobbed some more. You kept on crying, and crying, and crying, and crying. The tears finally stopped about a day later. You were staring off into the wall when someone knocks on the door. You very lazily strolled to the door and opened it up, to reveal Austin standing at your door. 

"Austin, what-" Before you could finish your sentence, in anger, he smashed his lips to yours, causing you to back up. Austin closed the door behind himself, taking you in his arms. Your tongues were wrestling for dominance and you felt like you were alive again. He pinned you up against the wall, and almost like a reflex, you jumped on his hips and hugged him with your legs. His hands explored your body, making goosebumps cover your skin. Your trembling hands moved to his button up white shirt and started to undo them, starting at the neck. He pulled away from you, his breath fanning onto your face. You both were heavily panting, and you couldn’t get enough of him.

"You need me." He whispered into your hair. 

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