Like my (DIRTY)

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"Knock knock" Austin says as he opens your door. You’re sat on your bed on twitter and don’t look up at him.

"(Y/N)" Austin whines trying to get your attention but you just grunt in response.

"Babe I wanted to show you this outfit" He says. You flick your eyes up quickly but look back to your laptop right away.

"Nice trousers" you mumble.

Austin walks over to you bed and takes the laptop away from you putting it on your desk, you just stare at him with a confused look.

Austin walks back over to you and pushes you so you’re lying down on your back and straddles you.

“Austin what are y-“ you start to say before he presses his lips against yours. It quickly becomes a heated make out session.

“Wow” you breath out.

“Do you like my outfit?” Austin asks.

“whats with the leopard jeans?” you ask confused.

Austin takes your hands and slides them down to the zip on his jeans.

“Take them off for me (Y/N)” He say.

You gulp when you notice he has no pants on under his jeans

“I’m glad I finally have your attention babe” he says.

You crash your lips back against his. You flip him over so that you are now on top of him. 

"I thought you had lost interest in me for a while" he says in-between kisses.

"I could never loose interest in you. You always have my attention"

Austin starts pulling your t-shirt off and you gladly help. To his surprise you have no bra on. He kisses down you neck and back up to your ear.

“Fuck me (Y/N)” he moans, 

You both quickly get rid of the rest of your clothing.

He looks into your eyes “god I love you” next thing you know, he enters you. Austin thrusts into you picking up speed. You’re both panting.

“Fuck babe” He moan in her ear.

"faster Aus-" You breath out “I’m so close”

“Cum for me babe” Austin grunts thrusting faster sending both of you into a deep orgasm.

“Fuck” You both yell out.

You lay down next to Austin once you have both come down. He pulls you into his arms.

“I love you” you whisper.

"I love you too babe" Austin says before you both fall asleep.

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