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OH MY GOD part 1 (DIRTY) {AngelaMahone}

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Let me just say I'm shit at dirty imagines so let me say sorry in advance!

Ok enjoy....

"Y/N stop." Austin whispers to you. Your having dinner with him and Michele. You're bored so you decided to start teasing Austin. Your hand is under the table rubbing up and down his thigh getting closer and closer to his member.

"So how's the album coming austin?" Michele asks.

"It's going good, I've nearly fi-inshed it." He stutters as you grab his member through his jeans. You turn to him and smirk.

Michele gets up to clear the table. Once she's left the dining room you go straight under the table and lean in front of Austin.

"Babe what are you do- oh" You pull his zipper down and pull his already semi-hard penis out. "Y/N you can't do this now, stop , oh my gosh" you lick the tip of his member to shut him up.

Just as your about to suck Michele walks back in and asks "Where did

(Y/N) go?"

"Oh uh to the bathroom ." Austin says pushing your head away.

You keep your hand around his penis and decide you start wanking him off, "oh god"

"what was that?" Michele asks.

"Oh nothing I just banged my foot on the table" Austin replies slightly moaning in between.

"Okay then, well I got to go, tell Y/N I said bye"

"will do, bye mum" once Michele has left Austin pushes his chair back and looks down at you. You can't stop smirking.

You get up and sit on his lap, grinding down. "Gosh what's gotten into you?" Austin asks, he starts kissing your neck.

"I don't know, but what I do know is what I want in me."

"and whats that?" Austin's hands travel down you unzip your jeans.

"you" you smash your lips against his. Austin lifts you up slightly you pull your jeans and under ware down, and straight away you feel the tip of his penis enter you. "just fuck me already" you moan.

You start bouncing ? (i dunno) on his dick. Both of you moaning and panting as he starts thrusting faster. "You feel so good babe oh" he moans into your ear, bitting and kissing you neck.

"Im gonna cum" you moan

"cum for me babe"

Just as you scream Austin's name as your orgasm hits you Michele walks into he kitchen, "I forgot my- OH MY GOD!!!",you and Austin stare wide eyed at her.


I'm shit at these types I'm so sorry :s well yeah i don't even know, its shit but i tried right..Do you want me to do a part 2?????? comment below

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