The Red Carpet (Romantic)

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You look in the mirror and study you makeup , checking if there are any last changes you need to make. Good enough you think.

Pink Nude lipstick , mascara, a cute red skater dress, with a heart cut out in the back. With red and black heels.

You walk down the stairs of you and Austin's house, your eyes meeting Austin's at the bottom of the staircase, a breath taking smile plastered on him face.

"Babe you look-" he stops, lost for words making you blush. It's not like him to be speechless .

You smile back at him, as his arms wrap around your waist, resting his head on your forehead .

"Ready?" You ask, looking into Austin's sparkling eyes.


Austin! Over Here!

Hey Mahone! Smile here!

Austin's hand tightens around yours, as he pulls you closer.

"Just smile baby, not much longer." You both move further up the red carpet, towards the interview section.

An E! News reporter comes up to both of you , with a friendly look on her face.

"Hey guys ! The couple of the year! Can we get a few Questions in?" She smiles, with a microphone on her hand ready to record every word coming out of both your mouths.


She starts to ask Austin and you about your world tour , then you one how you career is going .

"I'm so proud ! She's worked so hard for this and now she singing with me on tour. I couldn't be more excited for what's coming her way!" He gives you a peck on the cheek and a quick grin .

" That's so sweet! When will you pop the big question then?" She asks, encouraging Austin to answer about proposing. That's all you have heard in the past two months when Austin was caught coming out of a jewelers with a small red ring like box.

"I can't say now! But it will be when she's least expecting it ." He squeezes your waist and you guys move on to the next set of interviewers.

You heart flutters at the thought a marrying Austin.

"Hey guys!" Another interviewer says, this will be a long night .


" The winner for Artist of the year is......" The whole room goes quiet. This was the moment you both have been waiting for . The biggest award of the night .

" AUSTIN MAHONE!" You jump up and scream, Austin giving you a huge hug and spinning you off the ground . He kisses you on the lips and you were about to sit down until he grabs your hand and starts walking towards the stage.

"Austin what are you doing?" You whisper and he just smiles at you, continuing to bring you up on stage.

While he receives his awards and says a short thank you speech into the microphone he sends you quick glances reassuring you he hasn't forgot that you're standing there.

"I'd like to say one more thing." He turns to you and pulls you to he side .

" For the past 5 years I've been with you, I have never been more happy . we've had our fair share of arguments but I can honestly say they wouldn't have made us who we are today. I love you so much and I can't think of anybody else I'd rather spend my life with . So," Austin finishes, getting down on one knee and pulling out something from his pocket. By now tears are collecting up in your eyes and you can't believe what is happening .

Will you do the honor of being my beautiful wife ?" He nervously asks, giving you small smile that sets you heart crazy .

"Yes !" You hear everyone in the room aww and scream, as Austin places the ring on your finger and spins you around once more, giving you a passionate, loving kiss.

"I love you Austin! " you say, tears running down your cheek . He wipes them away and kisses you once more.

"I love you to babe!"

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