When you break up

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Hey guys, it's gonna look different since I decided to quit Quotev to put all of my time into Wattpad since I feel like I love it here a lot more, so there's no more copy and pasting from my Quotev to here so it's gonna look a bit different xD But maybe different is good? c:



"You will not use that attitude with me, ____!" You spun around to look up at him.

"What are you my dad!?" Slendy looked down at you with a face full of anger. "No! But I am the man who loves you very much and will not tolerate this any longer!"

"Oh! But I'm supposed to tolerate not seeing you half of the time?" You huffed and ran to your room before he could answer. Slendy decided to leave it alone for a while, and by leave he meant he wasn't coming back.

BEN Drowned

You did it. You did the angry girlfriend cliche. You snapped and broke his Xbox.

"How could you!?" BEN yelled at you, blood pouring out of his eyes.

"I'm sick of you always playing video games! It's like you're not even here half of the time!" You screamed. BEN scoffed. "Oh please ____! I haven't missed anything special!"

"Glad you feel that way about my birthday, BEN!" You stomped upstairs and locked yourself in the bathroom with your phone to keep yourself occupied while listening to BEN scream into the phone while calling the xbox company and telling them about his 'oh so terrible girlfriend.'

Jeff the Killer

You watched Jeff slam the glass bottle against the counter while laughing hysterically. "Jeff, stop." You were trying to keep calm while keeping your eyes on the insane Jeff and the drawer full of knives.

"Are you scared, ____?" Jeff whispered menacingly. You sighed. "Nope, just worried." You huffed. Jeff's insane look turned angry. "Don't pity me!" He yelled, stomping up to you.

"Oh, shut it, Jeff! The only person I pity at the moment is myself for having such a low-life as a boyfriend!" Jeff's anger sparked and before you knew it, your face stung. "J-Jeff...." You gasped before returning the harsh favor. " I hate you, Jeff!" You grabbed your sweater and purse before running outside and driving away to who knows where.

You watched Jeff chase after the car half way down the street through the side mirror before he began cursing at the sky while walking back home.

Eyeless Jack

"No! I hate you!" You screamed at Jack from your room. He tried kicking the door down multiple times but nothing worked.

"It's not what it looked like!" He yelled through the door. You let out a shaky breath, trying to stay calm but anger was bubbling in you.

"Bullshit, Jack! I'm not fucking stupid!" You shouted as you chucked one of his shoes at the door, making him back up before beginning to pound on the door again.

"I didn't want to kiss her, ____!" You squeezed your eyes shut tight at the thought of him kissing another girl.

"Yeah, I'm sure you didn't want to sleep with her, either!" You suddenly broke out into tears while Jack stared at the ground just outside the bedroom door.


You took his camera as a joke and decided to see what was so important about the camera. You played the slide show and, to your surprise, found a time line of him placing flower petals everywhere to spell out a girl's name that wasn't yours.

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