Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios Parody

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Once upon a time there was a girl who lived on slender road, in slender neighborhood, she was very sad and angry all the time and only listened to punk rock music and hated everyone. THIS IS HER STORY.

Hi, my names Jennifer, but my mom calls me Jenny, my favorite place to go is into Slender Woods, behind Slender Neighborhood, through the Path of Slender, through the Slender Trees, across Slender Rock, to Slender Mansion.

One day, when I was walking through slender woods, I heard the scream of a young girl. I began walking home swiftly. As I was walking home, almost inside of Slender Neighborhood, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and was like, "Whaaaaaaaaaat." I turned around and I saw:

THE SLENDERGOOSE ---Sorry, I mean man

"Hey there little girl," He said slowly and with passion, "Want to come into my Slender Mansion for some creamy Slender Coffee? I have the best creamer around, and it'd be a shame if you missed out."

"Sure" I said, not knowing what was in store for me once I entered the mansion, "I can't see anything wrong about that. I mean, what's the worse that could happen."

As I walked up the steep steps to his front door, I noticed a slight disturbance in the curtains in not one, but two of the front windows that peered down onto the under managed grass that surrounded the property. Once inside, I was greeted by Jeff the Killer and Ben Drowned, they were not only hot, but really hot too.r

"Welcome to the mansion" they spoke in unison, "I assume  you're here for our coffee?"

"Yeahhhhh... How'd you know" I asked, clearly confused.

"He brings a few girls in here every now and again, you get used to it after awhile, but make yourself comfortable, we'll bring you the coffee soon."

After a minute or two, new people, well, not ALL people, entered the room. One by one they introduced themselves. Among them were, Eyeless Jack, Masky and Hoodie, and the twins, Lost Silver and Glitchy Red. They seemed like an... Interesting group to say the least, each of which had their own stories to tell and experiences to share. Soon, Jeff entered with a steaming cup of dark coffee that smelt faintly of ginger. I took a biiiiiig sip.

I bolted straight up in bed, unaware of where I was. I was just in my room, it had all been a dream. Or was it? I still ponder that experience sometimes, but I will always wish to be back in that mansion, with all of my friends.


Hey guys, this is just a parody, so I'm sorry if anything offended you. I "helped" my boyfriend, but he wrote most of this. I will probably make a chapter where you can ask him any questions you have, and yeah happy Easter and I'm sorry its taking so long to get the next chapter out yet, but I don't have a computer right now, so it's harder to update. If you have any questions for Jared, leave a comment down below. Thanks for being patient, and I love you guys!

~Even monsters can love~

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