BEN Drowned Special!

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Sorry this took so long but now I'm on Summer break so life should be easier xD

You drove home slowly from work. You weren't sure how BEN would take the news about him being a father.

Traffic stopped you, and you spent every second that passed wondering how you would tell him. You knew he had a hard past with his father; you just couldnt imagine how he would react.

When you arrived home you decided to just tell him calmly. You took a deep breath and walked through the front door, immediately heading in to find him.

When you found him in the kitchen you approached him slowly. Just as you were about to speak up, he took notice and quickly leaped over to you. "____!"

He clung to you before taking your hand and tugging you into the living room, where he gently, yet hastily, laid you back on the couch and covered you with a blanket. "BEN what are you-" You couldn't finish your sentence before he ran off.

BEN returned not even a minute later with pills, a cup of water, a pillow and the bag that held your pregnancy test. You could feel your face go white. "BEN I..." You couldn't find the right words.

"____! Why didn't you tell me? I got so worried..." He leaned over and kissed your forehead sweetly.

"BEN...I'm so sorry.. How did you find out?" You sat up.

"Well!" Ben smiled proudly. "I went into the bathroom this morning and found this thermometer!" He held up the plastic bag. You couldn't bite back your smile. "At first I was really confused, but then I realized that the pink plus sign must mean you have a fever! It's really crappy though, babe. I mean... At least spend your money on a thermometer that tells you the temperature!" You let out a long laugh then sighed. BEN looked really confused.

"BEN... That's not a thermometer. It's a pregnancy test. I'm pregnant..."

BEN stared wide eyed at you. The room remained dead silent before BEN got up and quickly ran to his room, locking the door behind him. You sighed and went over to knock on the door. "BEN..."

After a minute of silence you heard the door unlock. BEN walked out and hugged you. "I'm reallly sorry... This is just so new to me. We'll be great parents. I promise." He smiled sweetly and kissed your nose.

"I know, BEN."

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