Factorios *New Years*

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Before we start, I know I'm publishing this early but oh well c: AND... IS ANYONE GOING ON THE CARNIVAL CRUISE SHIP THIS SUMMER TO COSA MEL? Cause I am and I really wanna meet you guys! *CREEP ALERT* lol well let's get started c:


Is actually scared of being alone

- Thought about getting a fake tan a couple of times

- Doesn't really like the color white

- Is secretly trying to learn French, Italian and Spanish

- Is big in politics

BEN Drowned

Is secretly in love with any dogs that can ride skateboards

- Sometimes cries is alone near water

- Thinks alot about dying the tips of his hair blue, green, red, or dark brown

- Actually hates the color green despite all the green clothes

- Can actually speak fluent Japanese (LoZ is a Japanese game series so it only makes sense xD)

Jeff the Killer

- Secretly loves Liu (As a brother, please don't turn the comment section into a "Jiu" or "Lei" or Leff" or whatever thing xD)

- Sometimes cries in his sleep due to flashbacks of his past

- Knew BEN before they became CPs (coincident?)

- Has to carry around eye drops due to lack of eyelids

- Has to tell people he's a pro at makeup so he won't get arrested and tested for drugs everytime he leaves the house

Eyeless Jack

- Used to cry while praying he would end up in a Circus for his parents' sake when he was younger

- He made his mask blue to 'match the colors of his feelings'

- Enjoys the science channel

- Dislikes Sonic due to his loud outbursts

- Shares a hoody collection with Hoody


- Hates his hair

- Is actually close friends with Trenderman

- Has formed a Vocaloid fanclub with BEN, Dark Link, Red and Silver. Sonic was going to be in it but he actually hates computers, believe it or not.

- Likes to scare Hoody by threatening to stuff Hoody's mask in a garbage shoot and shave his head until Hoody begins crying

- Likes to read HoodyxMasky fanfics when he's bored


- Wants to become a detective in the future

- Is scared of Masky sometimes

- Loves hoodies, shares a collection of hoodies with E.J

- REALLY loves cuddling

- Likes to sit on the floor and look up at Slendy like a kid and wishing he was tall like him

Lost Silver

- Is scared of windows because he thinks someone is always staring at him

- Is Red's twin but is treated as the younger brother even though he is two minutes older

- Can speak fluent Japanese like Red

- Has a completely different personality in bed (xD)

- Is addicted to turtles for some reason


- Is the younger twin but is treated like the older one

- Is scared of mirrors since he thinks he'll see a demon face in it the next time he looks in one

- Want's to become a dancer when in the future

- Can speak Japanese fluently

- Is an amazing baker

Dark Link

- Is a BOSS at poker

- Plans to secretly become a Vocaloid someday

- Can speak Japanese like BEN 

- Is a REALLY look anime artist

- Likes to go outside and have sword fights with BEN when noone is around

Laughing Jack

- Likes to put six scoops of chocolate in his hot chocolate instead of two

- Favorite movie is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

- Is a vegetarian

- Has an amazing singing voice

- Has a major cleaning disorder, OCD

Dr. Smiley

- Is TERRIFIED of going to ANY type of doctor

- Likes to throw food at the TV whenever a Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber music video comes on

- Is a pro at playing the guitar and electric guitar

-  Is trying really hard to learn German since he believes that it will make him scarier

- Likes to play poker with Dark a lot


- REALLY hates his Sonic form 

- Hates being in a computer

- Has a major soft side

- Is an amazing chef

- Can speak Japanese fluently

Ticci Toby

- LOVES playing with hatchets, blades, axes, knifes...

- Loves trolling

- Likes to write short stories in his free time

- Likes to sing to remove stress from twitching all the time

- Is terrified of sea slugs because of a nightmare he had when he was younger

The Rake

- Prefers his human self rather than monster

- Has a mean side, too

- Is secretly a math genius

- Loves to sleep under the actual bed

- Hates when Dark, Ben, Silver, Red and Sonic speak Japanese to eachother since he can't understand anything

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Haha! Hope you liked these! I'm thinking of making an "Ask the Creepypasta boyfriends" what do you think? I''d answer about three questions per day, okay?

So the reason I made this, other than for New Years, is because I wanted to explain something that's been on my mind for a while...

I'm SUPER antisocial. Like...other than school I only leave my house maybe once a week and most of my time is spent on here because well...I see the CPs as my actual friends, they can't betray me or anything if they're in my computer and mind, so why not?

BTW.... *RANDOM* IS ANYONE GOING ON THE CARNIVAL CRUISE SHIP THIS SUMMER TO GO TO COSA MEL? >.< Cause I am and I really wanna meet you guys c:

WELP! bye! I've decided to publish this early.

~Even monsters can love~

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