Important. When you want to kill yourself

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We had a talk at school about bullying. It reminded me of my two friends, one went suicide and the other attempted....oh so many times... But I'm guilty too.... I'm just grateful.....thank god I was able to help one of them. R.I.P my best friend Wolf, who's real name was Austin. I'll always love you~
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You hadn't come home for a long time now so Slendy went out looking for you.
He was expecting to find you in your favorite tree but...this wasn't what he meant at all...
"___? Please....Please don't let this be what I think this means..." His voice was shaky and full of worry.
You didn't dare look at him. You would burst out into tears...You focused on the rope necklace you had made for yourself that hung from your favorite branch on the tree both you and Slendy loved since you had become a couple.
You heard his shaky breath and it just reminded you of all the shit you went through and how his shaky breaths made you think of yours.
You felt tears rim your eyes and you snapped. "No! I'm sick of it! I'm not going to cry anymore!" You yelled.
You slipped your head into the rope's ring and before you could hop off of the large rock, that was holding you up just high enough to not be hanging already, you felt more than a couple of arms wrap around you. You glanced down to see that it was tendrils that surrounded your body...though, they weren't firm like normally...they were soft and shaky like Slendy's heavy breathing.
"___...Please...Don't do this to me....Don't do this to you! DON'T TO THIS TO US!" Slendy was practically screaming.
His loud, staic voice roared through the forest, making birds flee.
You began shaking as tears streamed down your face. You swiftly slipped your head back out of the rope's ring and clung to Slendy, your bodies both shaking.
"I-I'm so sorry Slendy! I don't know why....It was just too much! I-" You tried explaining but he shushed you.
" have nothing to be sorry for." You stared at eachother for a while before clinging to eachother again and letting and remaining tears slip from your eyes.

BEN Drowned

BEN was searching for you all day. He had bought a new game and insisted on you helping him play!
After checking the whole house he decided to check the backyard.
Everytime he went outside he would try to face his fears so he would dip his finger in the pool for a split second before throwing himself back and hugging his knees tightly.
He walked up to the pool's edge and his eyes widened when he saw your figure holding yourself down underwater by the swimming pool's ladder.
He hesitated for a second then put on a straight face and did a perfect dive into the pool.
You woke up to see a light. "Am I dead...?" You whispered to yourself.
"No...." You turned your head towards the familiar voice to see adepressed BEN sitting on his knees with his head down. "B-BEN?" You whispered, you were barely audible. His head shot up to reveal blood stained cheeks. It was obvious he was crying.
"Why.....Why would you do that....?" He whispered. His voice was shaky and full of what sounded like betrayal.
"I....I don't know....It felt like there was no reason to live anymo-" BEN cut you off before you could finish.
"I'm not worth living for!?" He whisper yelled, blood tears were streaming down his face again.
There was a long moment of tear filled silence before you clung to him and began practically screaming in his ear. "I'm so sorry BEN! I don't know what I was thinking!"
He wrapped his arms tightly around you. "Never again?" He whispered into your ear.
"Never again..." You replied with a tear filled giggle."
"Good. Thank you. Now let's go play some video games..." He stood up and held out his hand for you.
You wiped a tear and gave a nod before taking his hand and walking inside with him.

Jeff the Killer

"____?!" Jeff yelled through the house, his face and tone full of worry.
He had been running through the house, following the sounds of whimpering and small screams.
"___-" Before he could finish your name, he ran into the kitchen and his eyes landed on you pushing a knife to your neck and allowing your blood to slide down ever so slowly.
You had tears streaming down your cheeks harder than ever, and seeing Jeff standing there just made it feel all that worse. still didn't want to stop...
"___!" Jeff ran up to you and pulled the knife away from you harder than you expected.
He pinned you against the wall and you realized he had tears streaming down his face as well.
"What the hell are you doing?!" He screamed in your face.
"Making life easier!" You screamed right back.
"No! You'd only make it worse!"
"For who?!"
"For me!"
There was silence until he decided to break it.
"Without you...All I would be able to focus on is the thought of you not being here... I would be blind and the only thing I would ever be able to see is the empty chair across from me...the cold spot next to me in bed... and....and my blood! I'd be so miserable without you...I-I think I'd want to join you..."
You stared at him wide eyed as he stared down at the floor, his hands still pinning you to the wall.
You lifted up his face and crashed your lips into his.
"I'm sorry Jeff...I promise to never leave you."
"That's all I wanted to hear~"

Eyeless Jack

You were sitting in the bathroom, staring at the giant bottle of sleeping pills.
You let tears slip down your cheeks one by one while you mentally said goodbye to everyone.
You had just popped open the bottle when Jack slammed the door open.
" do that....I will never forgive myself...And I won't leave you until I can..."
His voice was shaky and he grabbed some pills from the now open bottle and let them rest in the palm of his hand. "You leave, I leave too.." He mumbled.
"____. You're more than just a target. You're more than just a girl. You're so much more than just a worthless human that gets picked on until they can't even see a reason to go through one more second of society."
You were at a loss of words, tears still stram down your cheeks.
"You're the perfect girl. You're not a freak, you're not flawless but I love all of your flaws! They're what makes If you were anything else I wouldn't be here to say I love you!
I wouldn't be here to say all these things! I wouldn't be here begging you to stay alive for me!
PLEASE! ___! DONT DO IT!" The black ooze dripped down his blue mask
but under the blue mask is where you saw the real tears slide down his neck as he stood there.
You gave a small nod and walked up to him. You pecked his lips and guided him to the couch where you cuddled under a warm blanket, taking in eachother's presence.


Sorry for interrupting the chain of First Time scnarios. But this was a request and it was serious.
I only did the original four...I....started crying before I could finish...
I'll continue the first times tomorrow.
Love you.

~I wish I could have told you, that everything was gonna be alright. This was just a phase in life~

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