Meeting the Parents

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Your mom was a little taken back by him not having
a face but your dad was extremely happy about it! And pervy.
"Heheh no mouth means no tongue. Guess the relationship won't last too long!"
Your mom jabbed him in the side with her elbow then went to the kitchen to finish dinner.
The rest of the night was fine but it still remains a mystery on how he even ate.

BEN Drowned

You had dressed BEN in normal clothes and made him promise not to talk about
video games or use any of his "signature lines", the only problem was his eyes. There was no possible way to hide those.
He convinced your parents into believing they were fake
and the rest of the night went perfect, other than the part where your dad was
sitting on the table in front of BEN threatening him not to hurt you.

Jeff the Killer

As soon as they saw Jeff the both passed out.
You left a note reading "This is Jeff he's mine and I love him for him AND
his looks and there's nothing you can do about it!
I'll explain everything tomorrow."
Jeff decided to leave a note too. "Sorry you couldn't take so much beauty. :)"
You explained everything to your parents but Jeff took the phone from you when they
still said no. He began whispering things in to the phone but you coulnd't hear what it was.
He eventually handed the phone back to you.
"They said yes."
You were happy and terrified at the same time.

Eyeless Jack

You told your parents not to mention the mask since he had VERY low
self confidence after a car accident he had that messed up his face a bit.
They understood and the dinner was fine until your mom asked what he liked to eat.
Everything went silent for a while after he replied with
Your mom was hesitant for a while but she eventually
began to giggle and take it as a joke, your dad eventually followed along.
It was really awkward but at the end of the night,
they both said yes to him dating you!


He didn't know what to do and he wanted to seem smart so he started talking about
nature (from experience in the woods) and that really seemed to hit it off!
You made him take off his mask so he seemed perfectly normal, plus you got to see him!
Of course, they said yes and you were both ECSTATIC!


You told your parents he has a weird disorder so he has to keep his bosy a certain temperature all day, so he has to wear the hoody, gloves and mask.
They understood so the night went smoothly. He had to make up a bunch of answers
but they finally agreed to it and you hugged him tighty, making your parents awe and smile.

Lost Silver

Your mother LOVED him!
Your dad approved but still didn't like that he was so shy.
You told him how even though he's shy, when it comes down to it he would fight the
world for you.
Silver blushed and laid his hand over yours, making you smile at him.
Your parents awed and 100% approved!


You made Red act on his BEST behavior so they didn't
see any problem with him!
Until his eyes started bleeding.
You told them he had an eye infection-thingy and they were iffy
about the medical bills that you'd pay.
You won them over by telling him you'd rather go poor than lose him
and they said yes for sure!

Dark Link

They REALLY didn't like how....dark he was.
It took you both HOURS to even think about what you think.
They finally thought it through and looked back to you two.
"Fine. Okay you can date, we approve." Your mom sighed.
You squealed and clung to Dark in happiness.

Laughing Jack

"No. Nononononono.......No."
Your mom disliked him from the second he walked through the door.
"What the hell? You are NOT dating a clown!"
"I can date whoever the hell I want, mom! I love him and you can't stop me from being his!"
She was speechless for a moment but then broke the silence by clearing her throat.
"Very well then... I didn't know you felt that way." She sighed.
"Ms.____, I love your daughter more than life its self. I wont hurt her, despite how I look."
There was a long moment of silence. Your mom looked at the ground in thought for a moment
before looking back up at you.
"I approve."


Your dad was playing 20 questions with Smiley.
"So, what do you do for a living "Smiley"?"
"I'm a doctor sir."
Your dad's eyes lit up.
"I approve!" He shouted, standing up and shaking your boyfriend's hand.
You let out a giggle and hugged your dad, then pecked Smiley's cheek.


"Why the fuck is your hair blue?!" Your dad was screaming at Sonic, making you angry.
"____! Don't talk to him that way!" Your mother slapped his arm.
"He's a freak!"
The word made anger boil inside you. And to make it worse, Sonic stood up and walked out angrily.
"What the hell dad!" You stormed out after Sonic, but he was gone...
You sat on your step and cried for a while before you looked up to see Sonic giving you a rose and your dad
walking out and staring in shock.
"Sir....I don't care if I'm a freak to you. Because I know your daughter doeasn't see me that way.
I love her more than anything, even though I don't act like it sometimes and I refuse to take no for an answer on your approval."
"And you know what? I dont...dont...what?"
"Yes. My answer is yes."
Sonic picked you up bridal style and spun you around happily.

Ticci Toby

Your family didn't understand the whole mask and goggles thing
but they didn't really care so much about you or what you did so they just shrugged
and said yes.

The Rake

"Whats wrong with his eyes!?" Your mother was screaming now.
"Nice save..." He nudged you in the side.
"Who's the doctor?!"
"Dr.Smiley...!" Rake answered quickly. You chuckled at the thought.
"I'll make sure not to go to him...Anyway... ____, if you're sure you're absolutely
in love with him...I approve."
You kissed Rake and hugged your mom, full of happiness.

~Even monsters can love~

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