Christmas Special!

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   Hey guys! Merry Christmas! This is really long so here is something to make time fly by and make it so much more fun: Read with a couple of friends. Have a group of friends and let each friend choose which boyfriend they have or have a couple with MULTIPLE boyfriends! I assure you that you WILL smile, if not laugh a little.

   So here is one of my gift's to you! The second gift is in the story... :)  (Before you get your hopes up, no it is not a lemon OR a baby! xD)

Well! Let's get started! It all starts at the grocery store.... romantic right?


   You were up at around four a.m doing some last minute shopping for Christmas the next day. You still had to decorate, cook and clean all by tomorrow morning! You were half asleep as you pulled random things off the shelves and grabbed random colored lights to hang.

   You were just about to check out when you heard something erupt throughout the store.

   You looked over to see a little boy who was screaming at the sight of Slenderman. Slendy didn't seem too scary looked as though he was apologizing and trying to help the kid up! You sighed and watched him run over to you.

   "Sorry lovely, I came home from 'business' and saw you weren't there! Knowing you, I figured you would be here..." He sighed. "You seem tired and all of the items in your cart are completely wrong...I highly doubt you want to have late Halloween decorations hanging on Christmas. So I'll tell you what, you go home and have a nice long sleep then...I'll call some friends to just have Christmas at our place and everyone can come help, got it? After all, thanks to my height, our house is the biggest." He chuckled as you nodded and fell into him. He took you come quickly before leaving for the store as he called a bunch of his irritated friends. You could hear Sonic and his girlfriend screaming at each other.

   I wonder how they stay together with all of the fighting.... You figured you would ask tomorrow and drifted to sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

BEN Drowned:

   Your eyes were practically glowing red as you stared down at the sleeping BEN from the foot of the bed.

   "BEN.....get's Christmas and we're going to Slendy's." Impatience was dripping from your voice. BEN was sprawled out all over the bed and refused to budge.

   "Call him and ask to move Christmas to tomorrow or something....I'M TIRED!" He mumbled into his pillow. You sighed and face-palmed yourself.

   "BEN! You can't just ask to move a holiday! Now get up! Or....I'll unplug your desktop and TV for a week." You threatened. BEN rolled over onto his back and stared at you. You had to admit, he looked really cute like that...his blonde hair was tousled around and shaded his eyes nicely, he wasn't wearing his hat, his red eyes showed mischief in them and you could see he'd been drooling slightly. His soft green pajama pants and loose green T-shirt just added to it all.

"You wouldn' t dare...." He squinted his eyes slightly. A smirk crept onto your face.

   "Wouldn't I...." You quickly ran out the door and up to 'his' room. BEN jumped up after you and with every turn he made he slid and stumbled on the floor. He slammed open his door and saw you gripping the plug that was once in the wall with a large grin on your face. "Great! You're up! Now hurry up and get dressed for Slendy's! I need to call (Jeff's girlfriend), (Silver's girlfriend), and (E.J's girlfriend)." And with that, you left with BEN slowly trailing behind to go get ready.

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