Your 21st Birthday! (21st Scenario)

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yay 21st! c:


You were really excited about it being your 21st birthday!
"____. Please calm down."
"Let's go live a little Slendy!"
"What do you mean by that?"
"Hmm.... OOH OOH I KNOW! Let's take you to a STRIP CLUB!"
You shouted eagerly.
Slendy's white face soon became red. "I'd rather not ____. I really
don't want to sit around and watch a bunch of naked strangers
dance in front of me..."
You took a swig of your (alchohol beverage) until he finished talking.
"Then just watch one." You winked.
His red face slowly disappeared as he wrapped a tendril around you and carried you upstairs.
You. were. so. drunk.

BEN Drowned

You didn't really care about you turning 21.
But BEN did.
"____! You're 21!" He yelled throug the house.
You gave an awkward nod.
"Do you know what this means?!" He asked rather loudly.
"Um.....I'm a year closer to dying? I dunno..." You arched an eyebrow.
"Nope!" He tossed you a couple of beers and a skimpy outfit. Before you could say anything he
set his laptop on the table in front of you.
"Hurry and change! Oh! And drink up!"
"Uhm....what are we doing???" You asked cautiously.
"Chatroullete babe!" He replied, not taking his eyes off the computer screen as he began to get on the website.
"Yeah. Okay." You walked away with the outfit and beers while he sat at the computer trolling people.
He was a bit upset that you never came back...

Jeff the Killer

 You turned to see Jeff standing there.
"Yeah Jeff?"
"In celebration of you turning 21...we need to play truth or dare."
"With just the two of us...?"
"Uh oh..."
"Uh oh is right." He pulled you out of your room and into his.
You woke up the next to on the floor of his room. You instantly brought your hand to your shorts, relieved that they were still on and buttoned.
You sat up and a funnel that reaked of alchohol fell from your lips. Yo were so distracted by the
thought of sleeping in Jeff's room you didn't even notice it was there!
You turned over and saw Jeff laying next to you smiling.
You gave a soft smile back. "You're so dead later." You sighed.
He let out a still-half-drunk chuckle. "I know. But it was worth it."

Eyeless Jack

"Oh Jack~" You said dramatically.
He slowly turned his head to see you in a silky red robe.
"You know...I am 21 now..."
"I know." He said casually.
You slumped your shoulders. "So....nothing you wanna do with me?"
He thought for a moment. "Hmm....No. No, not really." He replied.
You let out an irritated sigh and stomped back to your room to change.
"Heh...I'll give her a late birthday present............maybe next year." He mumbled to
himself before returning to the TV.


"You're 21!
"I'm 21!"
You were both pretty excited.
You began cranking up the music while Masky gave you a/an (alchoholic beverage).
You gave him a passionate kiss before everything went black.
You woke up on your dining table while the radio was still on, but now a morning talk show was
booming through the house instead of music. You sat up and became upset at how the house place was trashed but forgave the both of you when you noticed Masky passed out, face down on the floor.


"Hoody! Let's go dancing!" You started randomly dancing at the doorway
in the kitchen while Hoody made a sandwich.
You stopped dancing. "Why not?!"
He gestured to his 'precious' sandwich. "She's too beautiful to leave behind!"
"No! Too bad! Let's go!" You gestured him to follow you but he didn't. Of course not... You watched him lift up his sandwich, about to take a bit.
"Look ____. You try and make me  go again and I'll-" You cut him off before he could say anything.
"Don't you threaten me on my birthday Mr.! We are going dancing! Now let's. Go!" You stomped.
He dropped his sandwich back onto it's plate and quickly followed you.
Your angry voice was pretty scary...

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