When he's faced against his fears

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"No." "It's not even that bad Slendy!" "I know, I just don't like it. "Then touch it!" "NEVER!" You pushed the furry caterpillar  towards his face, causing him to jump back. 

"STOP THAT! IT'S UNNATURAL!" "It's not really hair Slendy! Feel it!" "NEVER!!!!" He swatted the caterpillar out of your hand and teleported behind a tree.

"Calm down Sle-" "No."

BEN Drowned

When he wasn't looking you poured a glass on him, causing him to scream and fall to his knees. "STOP! I'M DROWNING! HELP!" You stared down in shock, not knowing he would react so dramatically. You grabbed a nearby towel BEN had carelessly left on the floor and covered him with it.

"BEN it's okay!" You clung to him while he squirmed in your arms before suddenly falling asleep. "Let's no try this again..." You mumbled to yourself.

Jeff the Killer

Jeff had told you that he would probably kill any guy you hugged, so, you brought your best guy friend over and hugged him in front of Jeff.

Jeff turned his head sharply towards your friend and you watched him spring up to tackle your friend. You had to rip him off before he brought the knife he had raised down. You apologized and explained the situation. He looked at you in disbelief.

"How could you just randomly throw my biggest fear at me!? I don't even want to imagine losing you! Never again, got it!?" You violently nodded your head as Jeff brought you into a hug and shooed your friend out of the house.

Eyeless Jack

He was explaining what would happen to the sun in many years to come when a moth flew by and he let out a yelp before jumping back in surprise. You looked at him with a confused face and he let out a hesitant laugh.

You continued talking with him but when another moth flew by, he let out a girly scream and ran into the house, leaving you standing there laughing.


Masky had woken you up to tell you about a scary dream he had had involving his biggest fear. In his dream, the tables were turned between Hoody and him. Hoody had begun picking on him, calling him nails and throwing out threats until he had started crying.

You chuckled at the thought and comforted Masky until you both fell asleep in a cuddling position.


You were tired of Masky picking on Hoody, so you dragged Hoody over to Masky and told him to turn the tables for once.

Reminding himself of the dream he had of Hoody calling him names, Masky said nothing. Hoody tried calling him names but he ended up crying under the pressure. You sighed and hugged him but Hoody suddenly had a mood swap and started shouting out threats.

You were proud, and so was Hoody.

Lost Silver

You sat in bed next to Silver, explaining how no one was at the window and never was. Silver was trying to hold in tears while staring at the window. As you were explaining, Red threw himself at Silver's window, causing a loud shriek to erupt from Silver.

You silently scolded Red, who was laughing but suddenly began feeling bad. Out of guilt, he stepped into the house and over to Silver's room where he helped you comfort him.


Red stood in front of the mirror, trying to decide how girls do their makeup. Silver had BEN hiding in the vents, since he was the smallest, with a small projector. 

While Red was trying to get mascara out of his eye, BEN switched on the projector, creating a hologram of a bloodied woman to look as if it was standing behind Red. 

Once Red could see again, he spotted the woman and ran out of the bathroom screaming with makeup coating his face. 

Dark Link

In attempt to play a prank on Dark, you got everyone in the house to leave for a certain amount of time during the day. 

Dark woke up and discovered that everyone was gone, giving him a mini heart attack for a second before he told himself to calm down. You had placed a baby monitor to help keep track of how he was doing, and when you began to hear light sobs erupting from the monitor, you immediately told everyone to head home, where you greeted the crying Dark and watched his tears quickly dry.

Laughing Jack

Jack was traveling and ended up spending the night with Jeff while his girlfriend was out of town. Jack thanked Jeff and fell asleep in the guest room, where he slept soundly due to the sound proof walls.

When he woke up, he went to the kitchen to get a drink but was astonished to find the house a mess! He called Jeff down as he was cleaning and made Jeff apologize and help and Jack explained that a house THIS dirty was one of his biggest fears because of his big OCD condition.


 "You have to go, Smiley!" "NEVER!" You were literally dragging Smiley out the door by his ankles while he clawed at the floor and gripped onto anything in his reach.

"Why won't you just trust them!?" You argued. Smiley paused for a second and looked up at you. "Why won't they stop sticking drills in my mouth!?" You glared down at him. "The second you stop getting these terrible cavities."

You gave one final tug and dragged him out of the house as he groaned in defeat.


There was a virus in your computer and it had trapped Sonic in the computer for hours until BEN could get him out, and if it took BEN this long, it was almost impossible for anyone else. 

You were just as scared as Sonic since the virus was so bad that it could possible erase the chance of Sonic ever coming back, but after nearly 7 hours BEN let out a sigh of relief as Sonic popped out of the computer and clung to you.

Ticci Toby

You had taken Toby to the new Aquarium, forgetting his fear of the underwater slugs. As you approached the Sea slugs, Toby's eyes widened and he let out a small shriek, causing heads to turn. 

You quickly grabbed Toby's hand and dragged each other out of there, comforting him and allowing him to vent as soon as you were back in the car.

The Rake

Rake dreamt of everyone other than him ignoring him and even though it just sounds like it would be an annoyance, he woke up crying. 

You woke up to the sound of his sobs and without question began comforting him as he told you everything. You reassured him that no one would ever do such a thing like that and let him fall asleep holding you against him like a teddy bear.

Homicidal Liu

You were sitting in the living room when you heard a scream erupt from the bedroom where Liu had been napping. You scurried up the stairs and into the room to find Liu huddled in a corner pointing to a tiny spider crawling towards him.

"HELP ____! GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF MAN! KILLITKILLITKILLIT!!! Shut him up, ____!" You walked over and stomped on the spider before leaning over to kiss Liu's cheek then walking away.


These aren't very good but I haven't had the chance to write and I had writer's block but I wanted to give this to you so please accept ;-; OH! I'm making a Facebook page for the Scenarios soon ^_^ maybe....would you guys Like it if I did?  


~Even monsters can love~

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