When he goes away

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You clung on to one of his tendrils.

"____... Please let go." He gently tried pushing you off.

"No! I don't want you to go!"

"I know but I must and ill be thinking about you

everytime the sun shines. Everytime I hear the rain.

And everytime I see the stars.

Though, their beauty is nothing compared to yours."

you broke down in tears and hugged him tightly before he

walked away, you watching him from where he left you.

BEN Drowned

You had been really upset ever

since BEN had gotten distracted during a battle in

Majora's Mask and lost the game.

The reminding thought brought tears to your eyes

but something caught your eye, making your tears come to a halt.

You looked up at your tv to see a message that read

"Don't cry love, you shouldn't do that..."

your tears faded away and were replaced with a soft smile.

Jeff the Killer

"If you cheat I'll fucking kill you and

the other dude!"

"Yeah yeah yeah, keep talking."

You shoved him out the door before slamming it behind him.

A couple of silent seconds passed before you quickly

opened the door again and clung onto

the boy in the white hoodie who

was still standing outside your door, hanging his head down.

Eyeless Jack

"Do you have to go on the long killing spree?"


"Do you want to go on the long killing spree?"


"Why not...?"

"I'll miss you..." He hung his head down, horribly trying to hide the

black tears that you noticed dripping onto the floor under him.

You clung to him, him returning the favor, and

whispered into his ear.

"I'll miss you too..."


He was gone when you woke up, making you cry.

You kept searching the house over and over even though you knew

he wasn't there. Which made you cry more.

You laid back in bed, still stuck wi horrible thoughts when you finally

noticed a note laying next to you. Curious, you read it.

"Dear ____, I'm sorry I have to leave

for a week. Telling you and saying goodbye

was way too hard for me. So I wrote this and left your favorite

cheesecake in the fridge. I love you." A water mark

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