When you accidently hurt yourself

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You were working on something that had a sharp point
that was covered by a lid.
The lid wouldn't go down all the way to cover the point so you had the dumb idea to hammer down the cap with your hand.
The cap stuck to your hand then flew off RIGHT before your
hand flew down and hit the point.
You screamed and Slendy rushed over, bandaging your hand while
ranting on and on and ON about how you should be more

BEN Drowned:

You were working on the TV since BEN had plugged too many
electronics in.
You felt a buzz and screamed as you fell back, hitting your head.
BEN ran in and screamed when he saw you.
Instead of calling for help he ran around the room in circles
with his arms in the air like a cartoon character panicking.
You eventually got up and he clung on to you like he would never
see you again.

Jeff the Killer:

You were bored and tried twirling your knife around your
finger like Jeff did.
The knife fell and jabbed you in the foot.
You held your foot in pain while Jeff stared at you holding back a laugh for a while.
After a few minutes, he started feeling like an ass and helped you.

Eyeless Jack:

You were walking and texting at the same time.
You ran into a wall and fell backwards, landing on your arm and
twisting it.
After healing Jack put up a bunch of NO TEXTING AND WALKING signs around the house.
He also insisted on following you around and blowing his whistle
everytime there was even the slightest chance of


You were showing him how you could swing from a branch so easily
but since it had rained the night before, you slipped off and fell,
twisting your ankle. It healed quickly
but Masky has to check nearly everything before you use it.
You would NOT let him check your underwear through!


You were walking down the stairs but tripped and fell, rolling down the remaining steps.
You finally stopped and looked up at a facepalming Hoody.
He helped you up and tried putting pillows on all the steps but you wouldn't allow him too.
So now he just walks with you on the stairs.

Btw... the slendy part was true. it hurt a LOT ._.

Lost Silver

You had just tripped and fell on to your hands but Silver saw it way worse.
He picked you up bridal style and ever so gently set you on the couch.
He ran off just to come back with a huge first ad kit and taking everything out.
He began spraying you with antibiotics and wrap your hands completely in bandages.
You tried explaining but he just showed vitamins into your mouth.


A stray dog had bit you so you ran inside and told Red.
He began putting alchohol and bandages on the bite but you could
hear him mumbling things like
"I've gotten worse in battle..."

Dark Link

You had just gotten a papercut when Dark wrapped
layers and layers and LAYERS of bandages around your finger, making it look like a cast.
"There. Now we know it wont be hurting when you're f-" You cut him
off by cupping your hand over his mouth and slowly shaking your head.

Laughing Jack

You had scraped your knee on the way to Jack's place.
He cleaned it and put a band-aid on it before asking if you wanted candy.
You awkwardly said no.


You had cut yourself on a sharp edge and went to the kitchen to clean it.
Smiley walked in and saw the cut, letting a sly smile creep onto his face.
"I can fix that for you..." He ran his finger down the cut.
"No." You replied firmly and walked off, snapping him out of his creep state and running
after you to apologize and actually help tend to it.


You had bruised your leg really bad to the point where you were practically limping.
You told Sonic but all he said was
"Get over it, damn..." You were pissed and everything
but he eventually apologized, aking you feel better.

Ticci Toby

You were being stupid and playing with his axe.
He heard a spine curling scream and dashed up the stairs to see
your hand bleeding like crazy.
You told him you were messing with his axe and it slipped out of your hand, just
cutting it on the way down.
He warned you never to be that stupid again and drove you to the hospital where you got it fixed.

The Rake

He had accidently scratched you and apologized like it was the only thing he could
say. You accepted it and he left trails of
kisses up and down the would, making you blush.

~Even monsters can love~

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