Without him

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You guys seemed to hate the Break up chapter, so i hope this makes up for it...well...this might not...but the next chappy will, I promise ^_^'


You were sitting by the pond near your house when you heard someone clear their throat, making you turn back. "Slendy?" You felt your voice had a bit too much excitement in it and you automatically turned back to face the pond.

"U-Uh...Hello... ____, how are you?" You refused to answer his question and you suddenly heard him let out a sigh. "I guess.. I'll be going now..." After a minute or two, you looked back to see that he was gone.

BEN Drowned

You had been in a bad mood ever since BEN left you over a video game system. You were in the game store, playing one of their demo games when you heard a couple of screams erupt from the center of the store and a loud crash. You shot your head around to see BEN standing there, stuttering an apology in front of a fallen shelf, while his eyes threatened blood tears and the manager let out another scream.

BEN nervously laughed and attempted to escape when he accidentally caught eye contact with you. You raised an eyebrow at him while a smile spread onto his face. "_-____!" He shouted, but you just turned away from him and left the store.

Jeff the Killer

You were going out to eat with your friends when you looked over to the bar and saw Jeff. You walked over to him and tapped his shoulder, causing him to let out an aggravated groan. "Can't you just go to sleep and die or something? I'm kind of in the middle of a self-pity-without-getting-drunk session." You chuckled a bit and made him jump slightly before turning to you with a surprised look.

"Oh! ...Hey ____." Jeff tried keeping his cool while stealing a glass of vodka from the man sitting next to him. "Hey, Jeff. Sorry about throwing that little fit earlier... I see you're doing well so... I'm gonna go, I guess." You let a nervous smile creep onto your face before stepping away from the bar and back over to your friends. 

Jeff mumbled under his breath just as he was getting yanked by his hoodie by the man he had stolen a drink from. "I'm a terrible ex..."

Eyeless Jack

"____!" You spun around quickly to face your boss. "Y-Yes, boss!?" 

"We have a new worker! I want you to show him everything, got it?" You nodded your head violently. Your boss gave the man, who was strangely hiding behind a shelf with stacks of band shirts in it, a reassuring nod. The man who hid poked his head out from behind the shelf and your eyes widened when you realized who it was.

"Nope! Nopenopenopenopenope!" Your boss gave you a stern look but you shrugged it off without a second thought. "I'll only being showing him the way out with my foot up his ass!" You shouted before your boss practically ripped off your name tag and pushed you out of the door.

"Sorry about that, Jack!" He patted Jack's back but Jack just shoved him off before throwing his name tag on the floor and stomping out.


 You were taking a stroll around town since the weather was perfect. You turned around the corner and saw Masky buying what seemed like twenty bouquets of roses and anger suddenly flared inside you. 

You ran into a near by shop and bought the most beautiful you could find and ran out wearing it in attempt to get Masky's attention... which it did. He waved to you slightly but you just rolled your eyes and strutted away, earning a disappointed sigh from him.

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