When you/he procrastinates

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"____, if you don't do this, you'll fail." You sighed in annoyance. "Slendy, I don't need your constant nagging, I'll do it soon, okay?" There was a long pause and the only noise that filled the room was the sound of the TV, which you had been watching for the past three hours (more or less). 

"____?" "Yes, Slendy?" You looked up at him. "You said you'd do it 'soon' two days ago." You buried your face into a pillow. "I KNOW, I'M SO WEAK AND IT'S SO BORING. I DON'T EVEN CARE ANYMORE, LET ME FAIL. JUST LET ME DIE HERE." Slendy sighed and walked away, returning a minute later and dropping the book you were told to read for a report on the coffee table in front of you. "Well, I can't be constantly parenting you but if your conscience finally gets to you, you know what to do." You looked up at the book and was just about to reach for it before letting yourself bury your face back into your pillow. "I'm gonna fail." 

BEN Drowned

"BEN THE THERAPIST HAS BEEN WANTING TO SEE YOU SINCE LAST YEAR, I'VE HAD TO RESCHEDULE SEVEN TIMES ALREADY AND YOU STILL REFUSE TO GO. YOU ARE GOING THIS TIME!" You had finally found a therapist who was willing to talk to the red-eyed boy and you had been trying to make an appointment for the past year but BEN refused to even talk about going.


Jeff the Killer

You stomped into your house and threw your bag to the side. "Ugh! I hate my life!" Jeff walked into the living room, where you now were, while eating a sandwich. "Who do I have to kill?" You gave him an annoyed look. "No need. My grade's already dying and pulling me down with it."

Jeff scoffed. "What did you not do now?" "I have a huge test and project on a book I havent even read." "...And how long have you been needing this book?" Your annoyed look softened and became a look of shyness. "About a month ago...?" Jeff bursted into laughter. "You're screwed!" He walked back into the kitchen as he continued to laugh. You threw yourself back on to your couch and let out a loud groan.

Eyeless Jack

You walked in to the house while on lunch break for your job and found Jack still sitting in front of the TV. "Jack? Why aren't you studying for that test you have to take soon?" Jack shrugged, glanced up at you, then back over at the TV. "Because it's boring." You sighed. "Obviously, but you'll fail and have to basically redo everything in the past year if you fail."

"Oh god _____, I'll do fine! I'm studying right now!" You looked over at the TV. "Watching five hours of the Discovery Channel doesn't count as studying!" Jack groaned. "See how negative you're being? You're seeing the glass as half empty... I see it half fu-" "I DON'T CARE ABOUT HOW YOU SEE YOUR GLASS. STUDY JACK." You let out a long sigh and stomped right back out of the house. Jack blinked then continued to watch TV. "I guess it's that time of the month again..."

Omg I am SO sorry I am only posting these four right now but hey, at least you got something! I've been so busy guys and even though I'm working hard my grades are just not cooperating! UGH. Anyway. With all of this going on, I don't have time to make a scenario for every single creepypasta I have here so unfortunately, you're just going to have to say goodbye to a few of them. I may take off four or five I'm not sure yet. So you guys vote on what pasta or pastas you want kicked off. It's like a game show! And no spamming! Only write your picks in one comment! There can be just one in one comment or multiple in one comment! THAT'S IT! Oh and do you guys still want me to make that book for working out, skin care, fruits and veggies stuff like that? I can tell you guys how to make your own face masks for different types of skiiiin. Or what your acne meeaans. Yeah. I got that. Imma go now so just leave your comments and tell me if you want that other book or not! I love you! Bye!

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