When you go to the beach with him

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"Please come into the water with me?"
"No ____. You've been asking me the same question for the past ten minutes and I keep telling you the same answer."
"But why not!?" You had your arms crossed and was tapping your foot in the sand.
"Because-! Fine! I'll show you why!" You watched Slendy step into the water.
At first you were happy but about five minutes later you looked over
to see everyone screaming and running away. He walked over to you then to hide under his umbrella.
"I told you so. You didn't listen and now we're banned from the beach."

BEN Drowned

BEN stared at the water with wide eyes. He looked as though he was waiting for his death to spring out of the water.
"BEN. You're not going to die." You glanced over to him and began laughing at how he would jump back slightly every time the water crawled up to him, causing him to slowly stray farther and farther from you.

Jeff the Killer

"Dude! You need a tan! And what's up with the cosplay makeup! Are you trying to be a stupid anime character or something? Or what? Cut your hair you look gay! Are you a wannabe Joker? Yeah you must be! Ha!" You looked up to find some annoying teenage boy picking on Jeff who was trying his hardest to maintain himself for your sake.
"Jeff." He slowly turned his head towards you, which was extremely creepy.
"Yes....____?" You smirked at him and his face lit up.
"Go right ahead." And with that, Jeff pulled out a knife and pounced on the poor kid.
You both ran before anything else went wrong.

Eyeless Jack

Jack was poking at a starfish he had found on a rock while you tried pulling him away.
"Jack! Leave the poor thing alone!" You gripped onto his plain white T-shirt and tried pulling him as hard as you could but nothing worked.
"No. It feels funny." He answered in a monotone voice.
"Says the guy who handles body organs like it's no big deal!?" You yelled.
"No. Says me. No need to refer to me as 'the guy'."
You gave one final tug and ended up falling into the water before floating back up.
"See ___? This is what happens when you refer to me so distantly."


You sat and watched Masky roll a rock around in the sand.
"Why are you doing this....?" You asked.
"I wanna see how much sand will stick before I throw it at someone."
He answered without looking up at you.
"And...this is fun for you?" You adjusted your sunglasses.
"Of course." There was a long moment of silence before you responded again.
"Well okay then..."


You took a short nap under your umbrella while your small fan
hit your face perfectly. When you awoke, you immediately began searching for Hoody and Hoods.
You ran down the shoreline of the beach until you came across the two you loved the move sitting in the sand.
"___! Look what I made for you!" You looked down to see Hoody had written yours and his' initials in the sand with tiny seashells while Hoods sat there happily next to him, wagging his tail.
"I love it Hoody~"

Lost SIlver

You two were working hard on making a sand castle.
You had just about finished it and asked Silver to get some accessories. After a while of being gone, he came back with multiple shells, twigs and leaves. You were both almost done but Silver wanted to add the last shell. As he placed it on, the whole castle went toppling down.
You looked up and Silver looked as though he wanted to cry but was trying to hold it in. "___....I-I'm so sorry...!"
Before he could say anything else, you threw yourself into his lap and hugged him tight. "It's alright Silver! Let's make another one!"
He smiled softly and you both went to working in the sand.


You both sat in the sand just looking at shells while eating your favorite types of ice cream. It seemed nice but you were the only one enjoying it...
"Can I go home now? I need to errands." Red complained.
"Going to the dark forest for a Boss Battle isn't considered an 'errand'."
"Pfft...Sure, okay..." You narrowed your eyes at him as he finished his cone.
"Smile. Or should I call Jeff for you? I'm sure he'd be up to the job."
Red's face suddenly lit up and he wore a huge smile while screaming out compliments to random strangers.

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