When you find something of his

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You just got out of the hospital after your long come, to which it's causes are still unknown. 


Trying to regain familiarity, you strolled through the woods that were located behind the neighborhood. You vaguely remembered some things. For instance, you knew to slow down before tripping on the rock that had always been placed in the worst spot possible. Yes, this rock had been the cause of many cuts and bruises. 

Despite those small memories, you found things that seemed like they had never existed before! As if it were the first time you'd ever seen them. Like the giant tree you stood in front of. 

You approached it cautiously. Something about it sent some sort of "warning signal" off in your head. As you began circling the tree, your eyes very quickly landed on a simple slip of paper with a circle and 'X' crossed through it. As bizarre as it probably seemed- It radiated with a sense of... comfort. Hm.


You had already glanced through the rooms of your home. It felt just like you think it would. Like a house that you lived in years ago. Except with the same furniture. It was changed yet unchanged. You knew where the turns and corners were but you'd be lying if you were to tell someone that you didn't stumble into new or moved furniture.

You made sure to spend your time familiarizing your two favorite rooms again. The kitchen and your bedroom. You reminded yourself where you kept your cereal stash, you plates and silverware, your favorite sodas- which didn't taste as tasty as you remembered. You grabbed and unopened family size pack of chips and scurried over to your room, ready to remember just how much you loved your video games. 

You sat down and switched on your TV and gaming system, eager to find out what game you left off on. The screen flicked on and the game's title song began to play. You smiled. "Majora's Mask." You pressed start, switching to the screen that held all of your saved games and your eyes fell on one slot in particular. You scanned the title over and over and over again. "BEN."

Jeff the Killer

You made sure to spend the day talking to old friends, looking through your new phone, searching the house for memories and new findings. But now it was night time.. And you weren't sure if you were ready to simply hop back into your old bed and go to sleep as if nothing happened. Maybe it's just the trauma of basically being dead for 3 years, but you had a lingering feeling of... fear! 

You stepped outside onto your balcony and was greeted by the cool summer's night breeze. The type that made the leaves rustle in the trees and your hair blow just enough to get in your face. You admired the stars that you'd missed more than you'd ever confess to. 

You lowered your head to focus on your eye-level surrounding when something caught your eye. You shifted your gaze over to the very edge of the balcony, and your eyes met with an old knife. 

Eyeless Jack

Now you're not sure if it was an old passion or a new one, but you had a strong desire to cook when you got home. You cracked open three or four old cook books and scanned recipe after recipe until you found exactly what you wanted. 

Apparently, while you were "gone," the bulkier groceries had been moved to a freezer in the garage. Therefore, you were forced to slip on an old pair of shoes and go search for your main ingredients somewhere else. 

As you stepped into the garage and approached the freezer, you noticed a light dripping noise but brushed it off as something possibly from the freezer. However when you opened the freezer, this sound did not stop. In fact it seemed closer. Too much closer. Almost..as if...you could feel it...

Just in that moment, a drop of dark liquid fell straight upon your foot. You lifted your gaze to the ceiling and your jaw dropped. Stabbed with a scalpel into the ceiling, was some sort of organ. Fresh.


Hey! I'm not done updating this story I swear! Who knew how consuming high school really is? Not me that's for sure. I only had time to do these original four because it is currently 6:30 am and I can not even begin to describe how tired I am. 

Considering it is Spring Break, I will try to update at least another once or twice this week! 

If you wanna talk send me a private message or message me on instagram! I check Instagram a lot more than wattpad, guys. I feel bad when I don't respond until nearly a month later...

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~Even monsters can love~ 

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