Spa Day

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While your toes were drying ever so slowly, you watched Slendy get his facial. "____, I can feel you watching me. Is there a problem?" You blinked. "I'm not sure...I'm trying to figure out why you're getting a facial." Slendy chuckled. "Silly girl, even I know it will make my face glow."

You decided to spare him the insult of him not having a face and get a manicure to match your toes to pass the time.

BEN Drowned

You had been trying to calm him down, with the help of a few of the employees there, but BEN refused to sit in the new mud bath they had just put in. "BEN, it's shallow! A baby could stand in here! And it's not even water!" 

BEN suddenly froze and glared at you with the most shocked expression he had ever used. "You're right...IT'S WATER WITH DIRT! GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Jeff the Killer

Jeff was letting out a bunch of unnecessary moans while he got massaged. It was obvious he just wanted to annoy the masseuse. "Sir, can you please stop-""No." The woman sighed before turning and grabbingg one of the hot rocks and placing it on Jeff's back. He screamed loudly and immediately turned to the lady. 

You could hear loud shouts and screaming while your nails were being done. In a matter of seconds, Jeff ran over to you, grabbed your hand, and pulled you out before you had even finished. "What happened!?" You screamed at Jeff. "Let's just say, we're moving."

Eyeless Jack

"Sir can you please take off the mask?" "No." Sir, you-" "No." You sighed. It was obvious Jack wasn't going to remove his mask anytime soon. "Jack, please don't be difficult." Jack turned to you. "No. I shall be as difficult as difficult should difficultly be." He crossed his arms over his chest.

You let out a groan in defeat. "Fine. Just give him a massage." Jack raised an eyebrow at you under his mask. "Excuse me? I think I deserve a little more." You rolled your eyes at him. "Throw in a hair wash and highlights." Jack fist punched the air. "Yesss~"


"Do I have to?" He whined like a three year old. "Yes," you replied in a dominant tone as you shoved him into the room where an older woman stood by a table. The moment Masky had gotten comfortable as he laid on his stomach, the woman pressed two hot rocks against his back, earning a loud shout from him that could be hear from around the spa.



Hoody was actually pretty calm about the entire thing. "This is boring," he mumbled. You turned to Hoody with an arched brow. "Okay Hoody," you said in a sly tone. "You want something more challenging?" Hoody nodded. You let a devious smirk cross your face before turning to whisper to the lady at the front desk.

Ten minutes later, while you were getting your hair done, Hoody ran out into the room you sat in. If he was any angrier he would have smoke blowing out of his ears. "Waxing!? Really!?" You shrugged. "You wanted something more challenging." He shook his head. "____...That....ugh...whatever." He sat in the chair next to you and held up his foot. "Massage please..."

Lost Silver 

 You and Silver sat in the warm hot tub together. You admired the beautiful rose petals that floated on the water's surface then looked over to Silver who had his back to you and was blushing like mad. "Silver...?" You scooted closer just to earn a small 'peep' sound slip from his lips.  You hugged him tightly from behind and slowly felt him relax before he spun around and hugged you back just as tight. 

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