Slenderman Special!

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Okay so I'm sorry this is taking so long, I just had all these tests and band and yeah. I' just gonna post each pregnancy boyfriend scenario with their own special update. I'll make Silver's extra long for all you "Silvettes" out there. Yas ;D

You stared down at the test for what felt like an hour. You could feel the tears brimming in your eyes but couldn't tell if you were happy or sad. You wiped your eyes and took a deep breath. "I cant believe it," you whispered as you felt a smile slowly creep onto your face.
You paced around the bathroom for nearly half an hour before you could finally muster the courage to go tell Slendy. You flung open the bathroom door to be greeted by a concerned Slenderman.
"_____?" You blinked up at him before giving him a huge hug and smiling up at him. He looked down at you in both surprise and confusion while chuckling softly down at you and hugging you back gently. "____? Whats gotten into you? Are you alright? You were in there for over an hour."
"Slendy!" You hugged him tighter. "I'm pregnant!" You continued to smile up at him while he stood there silently.
After a few seconds passed you grew worried. "Slendy? You ok-"
You were cut off by a long, sweet kiss and a tight hug.
"_____! I'm so happy! I cant believe we're going to be parents!" He kissed you again and hugged you tightly. "This is so perfect, ____... You're going to be an amazing mom.. And he's going to be just as amazing... faceless or not!" You giggled at that last part. "I love you so much, ____..."
You smiled up at him sweetly. "I love you too, Slendy."
AND THERE IS THE FIRST ONE. Now these wont be pages and pages long.. Maybe Silver's... I dunno. I'm so sorry this took so long so I'm posting them one by one to keep everyone a little more settles. It makes me really sad when I read some of the comments you guys post.. :/ anyway here is slenderman! Love you guys! Thank you so much to those who were so very patient with me ^-^!

~Even monsters can love~

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