When he catches you looking at Yaoi of him

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"_____ dear, what are we going to do about- what in Zalgo's name...is THAT?!"
He walked in right as you pulled up a picture of Jeff and Slendy flirting.
"Oh....it's....uh.....work--GET OUT OF MY ROOM!"
You threw a nearby pillow at him as he stepped back slowly and away from your room.

BEN Drowned

"Hey! ____! Look!" He pounced onto the bed cheerfully, landing right next to you.
"Hey! Look! ____!" Oh my god he sounded like Navi...
"Look! Hey! Loo-" He froze in his place. He still had the big smile but his eyes grew three times bigger than before. "W-what.....what..."
"Yoai." You replied blandly. He slowly rolled over to face away from you while keeping the face he had on. You just shrugged and continued looking at other pictures.

Jeff the Killer

He was bored so while you were out running errands, he took your laptop.
He came to the conclusion that since you were friends with BEN, you might know some gaming websites so he checked the search history.
His eyes widened in horror as they fell on the long list of JTK yaoi searches.
He stabbed his knife straight through the screen and left a sticky note reading:

Eyeless Jack

"_____, can I borrow the computer?"
"Why?" He began getting up and slowly walking towards you.
You clung to the computer screen and hugged it tightly to try and block the view.
"____. Let me see." He said calmly.
"NEVER!!!!!" You shouted, clinging to the screen tighter than before.
He sighed and with practically no force, threw you off the computer. He paused for a minute to take in what you were lookng at but just sighed and closed the tab in the end.


Masky had a long day so was way too tired to give a damn about whatever you had been doing. He flopped down next to you on the bed and watched you play around on the computer. He arched his eyebrow a few times at the sight of Masky x other CP but ended up just falling asleep.

He stole your phone to see how long it would take a girl to notice it and how lost they are without one. He got bored after a while and decided to play a game or two.
When he turned on the phone his eyes went wider than Jeff's.
He found your wallpaper to be a Masky x Hoody picture. His jaw dropped just before you snatched your phone out of his hands.
"Next time, don't touch my stuff."

Lost Silver
"I wonder if there is any Lost Silver yaoi..." you wondered out loud next to your boyfriend.
"W-what!?" Silver looked shocked at his once shy girlfriend. "You're thinking of t-that!?"
You shrugged. "I never see it..." You mumbled innocently.
"You look for it!?" He was definitly in utter shock.
"Well not the exact words but I've seen CP stuff..." You blushed at the thought of it all.
Silver stared at you as a you began having a small nosebleed.
"W-why don't we look it up?" You slowly pulled out your phone while Silver blushed deeply.
It was a minute before you gasped. "Awww!"
Silver ran behind you to look over your shoulder and sighed in irritation.
"You and BEN are really cute, Silver." You giggled while Silver blushed.

Red wasn't really in a mood today. He wasn't happy, sad, angry or anything. He was just...there. (You know?)
He walked into the bedroom to put something of his away when his eyes landed on you and your best friend roleplaying (not sexually xD) as Red and Silver.
There was a long awkward silence before Red spoke up.
"Twincest? Really?" He shook his head before walking back out of the room and shutting the door.

Dark Link
"Hey babe what's-what the fuck is that...?" You blushed, knowing his eyes were scanning over the picture of him and Link doing eachother.
"____. What is this?" He asked in the most innocent yet terrifying voice ever.
"Uh-I-I- Um...It's a....A....Uh.....Pop up ad?"
There was a long silence before Dark sat down right on top of you like it was nothing and began blocking every website with the words 'yaoi', 'dark link', 'link' and 'creepypasta'.
Even the creepypasta website.
Which made you very sad.

Laughing Jack
You were walking through the mall and got a text.
Jack walked out of the candy store just in time to see it was a picture of him and jeff together. Of course, it was sent by BEN.
He awkwardly walked back into the candy store after.

"I wonder if there's any yaoi of you Smiley..."
"I never see it..."
"Hmm....noone really knows me...I'm not like Jeff."
"You and Jeff would be cute together."
"Shut up, ____."


Ticci Toby
You were rereading his story when he walked in. "What's up?"
"You and Slendy would be good together..." You mumbled.
He spun around smoothly and walked away without saying anything.
"Works everytime..." You giggled.

The Rake
"Have you and BOB ever made out? Or with any CP?"
"IIIIIIIII.....gotta go."
You sighed in disapointment as he ran away.


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