First Kiss

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You were walking around your living room and saw a wall
that had messy writing on it that read
TURN AROUND (Xs in the Os)
You turned around to see Slendy standing in front of you
before smashing his "lips" into yours.

BEN Drowned:

You fell asleep playing Majora's Mask.
You woke up to hear the sound of BEN popping out of your
TV but pretended to be asleep when he planted a kiss on your lips.
He was going back to the game when you
let out a small giggle and scared the living Hell out of him.

Jeff the Killer:

You were waiting for him to get back from his
killing spree while you watched TV.
You jumped when you felt a knife on your neck and was
about to scream until
Jeff smashed his lips against yours and kissed
you roughly.

Eyeless Jack:

Jack decided to take you out so you can see
what he does up close.
Everything was fine until you THOUGHT you lost Jack
in the graveyard.
You walked around the graveyard searching for him
but got nervous and screamed when you felt a hand wrap around your
You started crying from fear but Jack silenced you
with a kiss, still not letting you see his face from the darkness.


You were walking through your door until you felt
a pair of lips crash into you and push you back out of the house.
You processed what just happened and saw Masky adjusting his mask.
You were a little upset that you were too shocked to see his face but
you were still happy you finally had your first kiss with him.


(Warning: Cuteness!!!!)
You two were running through the woods playing hide and seek.
It was nearly pitch black since the only light was from the moon and stars, you could
barely even see Hoody's jacket. But you always found eachother through
the sound of your giggles. You were hiding behind a tree, using
all your strength to not laugh, thought you weren't doing a very good job.
After a while of silence you turned and began walking around the tree. You didn't
even get to the other half of the tree before you felt someone's lips press against yours.
You adjusted to the light and saw Hoody pull his mask back down.
You hugged him tightly and returned to your game.

Lost Silver

Silver was WAY too shy to kiss you, but he was open enough
to tell you he wanted to.
When he fell asleep on your couch you tip-toed up to him and pecked his lips, waking
him up immediantly.
There was a long, awkward, wide-eyed silver, silence.
Silver's head slwoly turned to face you.
"I love you so much right now." He leaned up and pecked your lips back.


You were watching TV until Red went behing you.
He leaned around you and planted a dramatic, yet short, kiss on your lips.
You both opened your eyes and smiled at eachother before closing them again and sharing another kiss.

Dark Link

You were laying next to Dark on the couch when he fell asleep.
You leaned over him and watched him sleep for a minute. He didn't look like a villain with his
messy hair covering his eyes and his mouth sitting slightly open, allowing small breaths to
enter and exit.
You found yourself slowly leaning in until you let your eyes shut and your lips rest  on his.
You lingered longer than you should have and you soon felt him kissing back.
You began pulling away until you felt his arms wrap around you and pull you close again.
You were finally able to break the kiss and you fell asleep on his chest, listening to his heart beat.

Laughing Jack

You two were outside the abandoned warehouse, using his candy as marbles and playing little
games with them. You were joking around and pretending to push eachother around
until you two made eye contact.
It was like a movie scene.
You make eye contact. Your smiles fade. And you both begin to slowly lean in and and in and in....
The final space between your lips and his is closed and you share your first kiss. Finally.
You both break away and smile at eachother for a minute, but soon return to your games.

Dr. Smiley

You and Smiley were having a staring contest when all of the lights
randomly went out. You kept your screaming inside you, not showing your fear of the dark.
You jumped slightly at the feeling of lips being pressed against yours but eventually let your eyes close and give in to it.
The lights turned back on and you noticed Smiley fixing his surgent mask.


He popped out of your screen and stomped up to you.
You were about to ask what was wrong before he slammed his lips into yours.
You stayed like that for a moment before he finally broke away and jumped back into your computer,
leaving you dumb struck yet...satisfied.

Ticci Toby

You were walking down the street when he randomly stopped.
"I love you ____" He stepped closer to you.
"I love you too Toby..." He kept getting closer.
He lowered his mouth's mask and cupped your face in his hands.
Most would kiss you before frenching but he decided to do the opposite...
The first thing you felt was his tongue slide across yours and explors your mouth a bit before he
put his tongue away and locked his lips with yours.
You broke the kiss and blushed before pulling eachother into a tight hug.

The Rake

(Rake wil be "that guy" that is all nice and sweet but can be whats the word..kinky?)
Rake was talking about the forest with you while you two sat in a field with flowers everywhere.
You let out a giggle when he told you about his funny story with Slendy getting stuck in bracnhes for being too tall.
You both paused for a moment, looked into eachother's eyes and automatically understood.
You slammed into eachother in perfect sync and what was a normal kiss became a tongue wrestling match.
He knew now to go to far though.
You both pulled away for air and smiled at eachother. You gave achother one last kiss and went back to
talking about the forest.

~Even monsters can love~

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