When he scares you

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You two WERE having a romantic walk through
the forest until he disappeared!
You were walking alone in the dark for hours jumping at
every little noise.
You started screaming and trying swat at him when he
picked up quickly and held you in front of his face.

BEN Drowned:

You were watching TV when all of a sudden the electricity
went out. You went outside to check on everyone else's house but it
was only yours that didn't have electricity!
You went back into your dark house and saw BEN's statue staring at you
with glowing red eyes and bloody tears.
You screamed and tried backing up against the door but ended
up leaning on BEN who wrapped his arms around you while chuckling at your
reaction. You were shaking and began to shed tears when he whispered "You've met with
a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Jeff the Killer:

You were always afraid of that dark hallway in your house, Jeff knew that.
So when you had to go back there to get something, Jeff decided to hide behind
the corner.
He jumped out with a knife and yelled GO TO SLEEP! but you
slapped him as a reflex, angering him and making him push you against the wall.
In the end, you had a make-up make-out session!

Eyeless Jack:

Jack knew you got scared pretty easily so when you fell
asleep he sat on the end of your bed with black tears dripping down
his face and making himself have glowing red eyes, like BEN's, in the center
of his eye sockets.
When you woke up you let out an ear splitting scream.
You finally stopped trembling when Jack fell asleep while he was comforting you.


You were walking down the hall when you saw Masky charge towards you.
It doesn't sound scary since you were dating him
but the thought of a masked man chasing you in the dark in your own home
gives you adrenaline, making you want to scream and run.
You finally let out a scream that was so loud he just HAD to stop chasing you.


You felt like you were going insane. Everywhere you looked you saw Hoody.
In the dark bathroom, in the window, in the closet, etc.
You woke up and saw him sitting in front of you, a knife in his hand
and fresh blood all over his hoody. You let out a scream that sent him flying back onto the floor.
You stared wide-eyed for a minute before giggling like crazy.
He sighed and laid next to you.

Lost Silver

You were walking to the corner when Silver jumped out
making you jump back a little, but you weren't scared enough to scream or anything.
"YES! I AM scary!" He was cheering himself on until he saw you standing there.
"Sorry if I scared you baby!" He pulled you into a tight hug.


Red wanted to make sure he scared the living hell out of you.
To the point where you wouldn't wanna step foot in your house again!
So he grabbed a bunch of dead poke mom and hung them above all the doors, so
when you opened any door in the house, a dead pokemon would fall in front of you!
You got home and unlocked the front door, anxious to get inside.
You swung the door open and let out a spine curling scream
when a dead jigglypuff landed in front of you. You began crying so hard that Red
ran out of hiding to comfort you and apologize before going around the house and taking
all the dead pokemon down.

Dark Link

Dark acted like a shadow and was running around your house making it look
like a bunch of demons were casting shadows everywhere.
You would't go back into your house after one shadow stared at you with red eyes from
across the hallway.
You were sitting outside, shaking in fear when a laughing Dark Link came out of your house.
"Your look! HAHAHA~" He finally noticed you giving him the death glare and
shut up. He sat next to you and apologized, pulling you closer into him.

Laughing Jack

He was playing "Pop goes the weasel" in the background...
just like your nightmares had.
You saw a mutilated little girl's body nailed to the wall and started crying.
When you turned around, Jack was at the door walking closer.
You screamed and screamed but he kept getting closer.
You shut your eyes tightly and waited for pain but just felt you being pulled into a hug.
When you opened your eyes, the lights were on and you saw the little
girl getting herself back on the ground.
"Thanks Sally." Jack faced the little girl.
"No problem!" She ran out quickly.
He turned back to you and pecked your lips before making a small apology.


You woke up in his "chamber"
You were lying there under the hot lamp until Smiley walked
up to you, holding his sharp tools.
You started squirming and screaming but he didn't do anything.
You started crying, you thought this was the end of you.
The lights quickly turned on and he hugged you tighter than ever, apologizing like no tomorrow.


You were playing a game but blue and red flashes would run past the screen.
You would start seeing it slower, but still couldn't make out who/what it was.
You leaned in towards the screen to see closer but instead of it running past again, Sonic
popped up on the screen with bloody eyes and a long spine-curling in the background.
You screamed and he popped only his upper body out of the TV.
He laughed as you pulled you closer into a deep kiss.

Ticci Toby

You woke up to Toby standing there in your dark room
twitching and holding his bloodied axe.
You began to cry in fear so he just sighed and gave up on it all.
He dropped his axe and wrapped his arms around you. You stayed like that until you fell asleep.

The Rake

You were sitting outside when The Rake started running towards you. You got up and started running,
the Rake and his nails right on your heels.
You eventually tripped and started screaming and crying but was soon quieted
when the human Rake wrapped his arms around you and kissed your head.

~Even monsters can love~

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