When he's jealous

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You were sitting by the lake reading your favorite book
until a guy came up to you and began complimenting you and discussing the
book you were reading with you.
Slendy watched for a while but started getting jealous.
When he couldn't take it anymore, he threw out a tendril like a fishing line
and began reeling you in.
You waved bye as you were dragged into the woods.
He pulled you into a tight hug with all tendrils wrapped around you.

BEN Drowned:

You were obsessed with Existor.com (Evie)
after BEN had tuaght you how to hack into it and talk to others.
He was watching you talk to a guy who suddenly began trying to sext Evie.
You were a little taken back and blushed a little,
BEN noticed you blushing and flared up.
He took the laptop and threw it at the ground in anger.
HE crossed his arms and faced the wall, away from the broken computer,
but after a couple of seconds he turned around and dropped next
to it, yelling "MY BABY!!! NOOOOOO! YOU HAD SO MANY
You watched him and was VERY amused!

Jeff the Killer:

You wanted to get back at him for making
you jealous that last time, so you brought one of your old
guy friends home.
Jeff didn't really care...but he still watched from
the staircase, so he wouldnt be seen.
Everything was fine and you were about to give up on making him jealous.
When all of a sudden....
you were cut off from your sentence by your friend's lips smashing into yours.
You attacked him screaming "WHAT THE FUCK?!" in his face.
When he responded with the childish answer, "Sure, I'm in to
that!" Jeff attacked him and brought him outside.
You heard a spine-curling scream before Jeff walked in and gave you a hug.

Eyeless Jack:

You were shopping for a cute hoodie similar to Jack's.
Jack decided to go look at a cool knife collection hanging on the store's wall
while you stayed and looked around.
A cute guy about your age came over and started talking to you about different bands
and cool designs on some of the hoodies and shirts.
The guy began writing down his number on a slip of paper and just when he was
about to hand it to you,
you saw a flash of black and dark blue.
Next thing you knew, the guy was laying on the ground looking up at Jack
who had him pinned down and was going on and on about
how you were his and only his.
You both got kicked out eventually, but decided to go
out for icecream instead of going shopping again.


You took him to the park with you since it was really nice outside. He saw a patch
of flowers on the other side of the park and told you to wait.
While he was gone a guy about your age sat next to you and started using really bad, cheesy
pickup lines. You kind of ignored everything until you looked up too see Masky pinning the guy down
until he ran away, Masky throwing rocks after him.
Once he was out of sight, Masky turned to you and handed you the small bouqet of wild flowers he picked,
making you blush and pull up his mask to reveal his smile before pecking his lips.


You took Hoody shopping with you since you wanted a bright hoody like his.
You tried one on but it was too big and covered your hands and short shorts, making you look
sexy yet adorable. Hoody was looking around nervously but was snapped out of his world when he saw a guy
across the store giving you the eye. He walked up to him and threatened him to back
the fuck off. When he didn't believe him Hoody threw a punch right in his eye, getting you both
kicked out.

Lost Silver

You were in anger managment (look back at last scenario for why)
and the therapist happened to be a really cute guy about your age.
Silver noticed him "flirting" and something just flared up in him.
He stood up and began telling him off like a badass.
His eyes began bleeding, making the therapist run out. He was happy when your new
therapist was a woman.


You had been talking to Lost Silver for a while
and Red was getting a little suspicious.
When you told him you were gonna meet up with Silver, he blew his top off!
He gaurded the door to keep you from walking out it.
(Get it? cause people say "is it because im black? or white?" no? okay...)
You started laughing and kissed him, dropping the hint not to worry.

Dark Link

You had been talking to BEN a lot lately, and playing Majora's Mask.
When you were video chatting with BEN while playing his game,
Dark just lost it.
He slapped the controller out of your hands and slammed the computer screen down.
"BEN is NOT your boyfriend! Ok? I AM!"
He crossed his arms and pouted until you hugged him.
When he was gone you just went back to BEN and your game.

Laughing Jack

You went to another carnival and was playing almost every game there.
When you got to your favorite game, the guy running began giving you free stuff and winking
at you....Jack noticed.
He popped up behind him so when the man turned around, candy was shoved into his mouth.
You stared in shock for a while but then just shrugged it off
and walked away with Jack.


You were going to a garden shop to buy new tools for Smiley's "patients".
He had said he liked using shovels for surgery. He tried explaining why but you wouldn't let him.
At the checkout a guy with light blonde hair kept asking for your number.
Smley pretended to ignore it and you both went home.
In the morning you went down to Smiley's area to find the guy from the checkout dead.
Smiley hugged you from behind and (tried his best) calmed you down.


You were at an videogame store when a (really) cute guy came up to you
and tried to give you his number.
Before you could answer, Sonic ran up and threw a punch, sending the poor guy to the floor.
You looked up at Sonic who was already walking away like nothing had happened.
You shrugged and turned back to the video games.

Ticci Toby

You both went out to get his axe cleansed and sharpened.
You were looking at other things when you felt an arm snake around your waist.
Thinking it was Toby, you leaned back on him.
Then you saw Toby standing next to you with clenched fists.
Your eyes widened and you turned around and slapped the other guy across the face.
Toby was about to slice him with his axe but you stopped him
and told him it wasn't worth it.
You both just went somewhere else to fix his axe.

The Rake

Rake was going on and oonn and ON to Jeff about
how awesome you were that he didn't even notice a random guy
in the forest begin grabbing you violently until you screamed.
Rake ran over in monster form and emmediantly killed the guy. He went back
to normal and kissed your head before bringing you to his friends.

~Even monsters can love~

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