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If by chance I get more questions I'll probably do a part two but I'm really excited to answer these questions and see what goes on through your weirdo minds- let's start! xP

1. Is it nice there? In Thailand, it's really sunny ;-;

Well... That's a matter of opinion. In the summer it's extremely hot, it's been fairly cool this year though, I think we've only gone over 100 degrees maybe twice? In the winter it's really cold but it never goes below 0! Once it was llike 80 degrees then iced over the same night. Weird right? It's like that in the Spring. It usually changes for the Fall, sometimes it's hot, sometimes cold. Texas is slightly known for it's random weather :P

2. Just wanted to say! Your like an amazing writer and ya... Plus what's your favorite thing to do EVER?!

Awe thank you! My favorite thing do to ever... hm... probably sing! I used to listen to my dad sing before my parents split up so singing means a lot to me, I sing nearly every day for hours and hours. I also love to draw and write. I have literally about five different scenarios I haven't published yet, a Special Scenario, and like three fanfics that aren't published yet... Ya... I procrastinate...

3. Are there any fun places to visit?

Well Texas is known for it's History and that's what I'm worst at so how about I ask someone else and get back to you? :D I know one place is the Alamo, yuh.

4. What's your favorite type of music and/or books? Btw LOVE your writing :)

Awww you guys make me smile ^-^ I'll read anything that isn't sci-fi. My favorite book series would have to be A Series of Unfortunate Events. The movie is amazing too! I like a little bit of all types of music. I really like Nightcore, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, MCR, 3OH!3, Jeffree Star, Vocaloids, BVB, Suicide Silence, the list goes on and on. Who else is crushing on Vocaloid members?

5. How's your relationship going girl? Either way hope you are happy!! And also keep on writing its great!

Thank you! It's going really good! He finally met my mom and he's just really sweet, I couldn't ask for better C: update: we broke up a while back!

6. Hi! I hope you are really happy with your boyfriend and my question to you is: Out of all the creepypasta, who is your favorite?

Ello! I truly am, thank you! (Broke up) Hmm my favorite CP would have to be Lost Silver. How can you not adore someone like him?

7. Are there any good tourist attractions in Texas?

I suppose Six Flags and The Alamo! Texas is known for it's history and I'm awful at that.. >.<

8. If you could meet one CP who would it be?!

Lost Silver! He's super adorable and seems the least deadly and less likely to get pissed off!

9. What's your favorite music genre?

I like a lil bit of everything! Nightcore's cool too btw cx

10. Can I be your best friend :o

Yuh o.o

11. One writer to another, I'd like to ask if you plan out your writing before you actually do it.

I plan out a single section of a scenario then figure out the rest. Like, I'll plan out BEN's then try to figure out the rest as I go along typing. But if it's an actual fanfic like the Lost Silver one I'm trying to write I have to plan out everything and it's taking a LOT longer than I expected... I've had to rewrite the first chapter three times already.

12. Why are you so awesome? X3

FLATTERY WILL GET YOU NO WHERE XD But thanks, dat's sweet, chu are too c:

13. What kind of music do you listen to when you start feeling... depressed? Or (besides writing) what do you do to take your mind off of it?

I like to listen to Pandora because it gives me a music relating (most of the time) to the genre/song/band I like and if I don't like the song I can just skip it! My go to things have to be singing, drawing or listening to music. But you knoe, sometimes a good cry is what does the trick!

14. Why are you so incredible and amazing?

Ahhh you guys are too good to me! I LOVE CHU ALL ^.^

15. Who is your favorite CP to write about?

Hmm.. Probably BEN, Lost Silver and Jeff!

16. Have you ever watched Attack on Titan? If so do you like it and who's your favorite and most hated character?

I've only watched like two episodes because my (ex)boyfriend wanted me to watch it with him ;-; I had been wanting to see it so it wasn't all bad! My favorite character would have to be Armin just because he has the same voicer as Luka from Black Butler!!!

~Even monsters can love~

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