On your Period

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   "SLENDY" Slendy raised his head at the sound of your voice. He walked over to your room to find you hanging upside down on your bed making groaning noises. "____? What on Earth are you doing?" You looked over to him and let out a long groan. 

There was a long moment of silence but Slendy finally put the puzzle pieces together. "Right, I'll go get some chocolate and a movie for us to watch. Meanwhile, why don't you take some pain medication? I'm sure it'll work wonders. Oh...What candy do you want?" You let out another groan. "Right, got it. I'll be back." 

BEN Drowned

   You tried playing video games with BEN but kept having to pause every five minutes so you could fall over on your side and complain about cramps. 

After the seventh time, BEN glared at you the entire time you were on your side before finally shutting off the game. He left the room just to come back with a blanket, pillow and a tub of ice cream. "Here. Let's try this again next week." You nodded as he grabbed his Gameboy and began frantically playing.

Jeff the Killer

  "SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!!" Jeff screamed as you glared at him. "NO." You protested against his commands by letting out a long, high-pitched scream, forcing him to cover his ears with his hands. "OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!? I HAVEN'T EVEN TOUCHED YOU! I'M JUST SICK OF THIS ATTITUDE." Jeff shouted while being sure to keep his hands over his ears. 

"I'M ON MY PERIOD!" You glared as you shouted back. "WELL GET THE FUCK OFF IT." You rolled your eyes and threw yourself back onto your bed.

Eyeless Jack

   You had been quiet and somewhat of a downer all day, so much that Jack just had to ask about it. "What's wrong, ____? You've been all weird for the past few days, did I do something?" You shook your head and kept your eyes on the TV.

"Then what's wrong?" He asked, looking over to you. You shrugged. "I'm on my period." There was a long moment of silence before Jack spoke up. "Why?" You raised an eyebrow and looked over at him. You were too lazy to question him and he obviously wasn't going  to speak up either so you both just turned back to the TV and continued watching.


    Masky was way too afraid to ask what was going on, him being smart enough to know what can come from asking if a girl was on her period. After about a week he began seeing you become happier and more energetic. He finally decided it was okay to ask. "Hey! What was going on this past week? It was crazy!" You looked at him with wide eyes. 

"Was it that bad....?" Tears brimmed your eyes and you threw the book you were reading down on the ground before stomping back to your room. "Maybe it wasn't as good of an idea as I had thought it would be..."


   Hoody felt bad that you were going through your "girl time", so decided it'd be nice to spend some time with you. He silently stepped into your room and climbed into bed with you, hoping not to disturb you (and your hormones). You weren't quite asleep yet, and rolled over to face Hoody. "Hoody." He made a soft noise to assure you he was listening. "Get out." 

Hoody scoffed. "Say that again and you'll-" "GET OUT!" Hoody practically jumped out of bed and ran as fast as a marathon runner out the door, making sure to close it right behind him. You let out an agitated groan and rolled back over to finally get some sleep.

Lost Silver

   "Angel...?" Silver was hesitant to enter the living room, knowing that you were on your period. "How are you f-feeling...?" You quickly shifted your attention to him as he stood in the corner of the room. "Fine. ...Why?" You squinted your eyes over at him, you had a feeling you knew where this was going. 

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