When he catches you talking about him to your friends

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He heard you talking about him to your friends
and automatically assumed the worst.
For example...
That he was always forgetting to zip up his pants.
The thought made him panic and he quickly checked himself
so he wouldn't actually make the mistake.
He finally got so paranoid with the thoughts running through
his head that he popped up and scared your
friends so bad that they all passed out.

BEN Drowned

You were being very animated as you bragged
on and on about how your boyfriend could beat any game
against anyone! He had a burst of confidence and smirked while
sitting on the couch next to you before wrapping his arm around your waist.

Jeff the Killer

You were telling your friends how it bugged
you how he always drank when he was upset.
But...Jeff thought you were talking about the positive side of him.
He made the mistake of walking up to you in a cocky way. 
"Yeah...I'm just that amazing!" he snaked his arm around your
shoulder. You facepalmed yourself and your
best friend giggled. "You don't sound so amazing to me!"
You blushed and Jeff was confused.
Your second best friend joined in. "Yeah! ____ was telling us how
you always drink when you're upset!"
Jeff's face went from white to pure red. "I do not!" He protested.
But noone would give in to him.
"Ugh......I need a beer. You guys suck." He stormed into the kitchen.
There was a long moment of silence until your best friend broke it.
"Of course we do........we're not lesbians...." You bursted out
laughing, your friends joining in soon after.

Eyeless Jack

He just stood there in the background and listened
to you talk about him. He acted like he
didn't care but he had a knife in his back pocket just
to be "prepared".


He watched from a distance and listened to you
rant on and on about how you hated that guys never seemed to
pick up after themselves. You came home, expecting to find
your favorite type of mess and grew extremely upset
when it wasn't there... You called for Masky and you sighed with
relief when you saw him walk up to you. You asked him
about it and he shamefully told the truth.
You told him that didn't apply to you and then scolded him for
listening to your conversations.
He apologized and you relaxed and watched him fuck up your
house again. Just the way you liked it.


He didn't know if it was about him. But he heard you talking
about a guy so he chased your friends out of the woods.
He said sorry but you were still upset about it and now you make sure to look around extra hard when telling someone something.

Lost Silver

You were telling your best friend a little about Silver, like the fact that you were in love with him.
"R-really...____?" You turned to see Silver standing there. You confronted him about it gently but when he started tearing up, so did you and you forgived eachother by hugging it out.


He hid behind a wall, listening in on you and your friend talk about him and his outfit. Your friend said it was weird but you called it sexy, making him giggle. You heard the giggle and ran around the corner to see Red running off into another part of the house, as far away as you were since he knew he'd regret this later.

Dark Link

He walked up to you and sat next you and across from 
your friend. "We were just talking about you!" your friend said cheerfully. "I know." He pulled you onto his lap, making you giggle. You didn't really care if he was listening or not.

Laughing Jack

You were walking around L.J's abandoned warehouse when a friend caught up to you. They asked you about it and you explained your boyfriend to him. You got deeper into conversation about him and since L.J knew it but couldn't figure out if it was good or not... He chased after your friend while throwing hard candy at them.


You were at a friend's house with Smiley. You started talking about him until something hit your friend in the head and made them pass out and slightly bleed. You shot your head towards Smiley who was making a horrible innocent face. "Whoops!" He shrugged.
You rolled your eyes and turned your focus back to you unconscious friend while Smiley stood next to you. "You know....I can-" You cut him off. "Don't even think about helping her."


You were talking about how Sonic was great even if he was a little...what's the word... cocky? at times. You were getting deeper into the conversation when you were lifted into someone's lap. You looked over to see it was Sonic you were sitting on. You grew with anger inside you. "Were you listening in on my conversation?!"
He let out an annoyed sigh. "Yep. And I really don't care if you don't like it." You were going to yell at him even more but realized...it was no point.

Ticci Toby

He heard you talking about him in lots of good ways and was so overcome with happiness and excitement that he began twitching! You heard something snap and let out a sigh. "I know you re there Toby." He stepped out into the clearing with an arm in an awkward angle. You let out a soft giggle and helped him, deciding not to yell at him later.

The Rake

You were telling your friend something super amazing about him and excitement filled him...too much. He jumped out and tackled you in a hug, making you and your friend scream. You didn't know what was going on and you had a feeling you didn't really want to know.

~Even monsters can Love~

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