When he wants a puppy

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"It'll be dead before you know it Slendy! I don't want you to be hurt!"
"No it won't ___! I'll make sure it loves me!"
"Why do you want one so bad anyway?"
"So I can dress it up in little suits like mine! And they're so small!"
"Slendy... are you sure you can care for one?"
"Yes ____... I really want one...."
There was a long (dramatic) pause.
"Fine. I'll get you a damn dog"
"YAYAYAYAY" Slendy began jumping up and down like an excited little girl.
"Calm down before you hit your head on the ceiling again!" You walked out to the pet store.

BEN Drowned

"Look! See that dog that keeps chasing me?! I want it so I can make it love me!"
BEN had been dying for the little dog in Majora's Mask even though it hated him.
"He's cute! .....How the hell are you gonna get it?"
"Like this!"
BEN hopped into the TV and in the blink of an eye the dog disappeared
and BEN was already climbingout of the TV with the cute little dog in his arms.
"BEN! He's adorable!"
"So we can keep him?"

Jeff the Killer

You were watching TV when Jeff walked in and sat next to you.
You saw something moving in the corner of your eye and turned to see a husky laying down on the floor.
"....Why is there a dog in the house?"
"That's Smile. He's my dog."
"OUR dog?"
"No....MY dog. and he's going to live with me." He wouldn't take his eyes off the TV.
"Just watch out at night cause he turns red and black and his eyes glow and his smile is five times scarier."
He warned. "No big deal."
You blinked a couple of times at him before turning back to the TV.

Eyeless Jack

"___! I'm going out to buy a dog!" He was already walking out the door.


"Let me get a dog."
"Yes. I want one."
"No Masky."
"Yes ____."
"No you aren't getting one."
"Yes I am getting one."
Before you could respond you heard the door close and he was already gone.


"Can I get a dog ___?"
"How big?"
"I want a big one... like a great dane."
"How about a german shepard?"
"Fine, I'll go get one."
He still came back with a great dane.

Lost Silver

"I want a dog...."
"Me too!"
"I want a big dog!"
"I want a small one!"
Silver thought for a moment. Red had told him to be more assertive.
"We are getting a big dog like it or not!"
You flicked him on the nose. "Small dog. Now."
"Yes dear...!" He quickly ran out and came back with a chocolate brown pomeranian.


"Damn...I wish Jeff hadn't taken Smile in, he's red!"
"Just go get your own dog!"
"I dont know what kind!"
"Your choice! Now go get a dog!" You lightly pushed him towards the door.
"Ok! Ok! I'm going!"

Dark Link

"I'm going to get a black dog."
"I don't care."
"He's gonna attack you when you get angry with me."
"He'll learn to ride a skateboard too."
"And he'll-" you cut him off.
"Just go get your damn dog already!"
He quickly ran out the door.

Laughing Jack

"Can I get a dog?"
"Great." He whistled and a puppy came out from the room behind him.


"Let's get a dog!"
"No, you'll kill it."
"Fine...But here are the rules... No "fixing" it when it's hurt."
He kept listening.
"That's it....Don't "fix" it or "help" it or "make it feel better" got it?"
He  nodded violently and ran out to the pet store.


"I want a dog!"
"Go get one."
"No cause I won't take care of it."
"Then don't buy one."
"But I already did."
You facepalmed yourself as the little dog walked into the room.
"We both take care of it or I sell it."

Ticci Toby

"I got a dog."
(Still a better love story than Twilight!)
You petted the little white dog that sat on your lap while you and Toby watched TV.

The Rake

"We don't need a dog!"
"Yes we do! I can be with you and already know the house is safe!"
"Fine...." You sighed.
He left to come back five minutes later with a golden retriever and a goldfish.
"Why the fish?"
"It was so cute and it's little eyes TOLD me to buy it!" You wathed him kiss the fishbowl
before returning to your book.

~Even monsters can love~

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